Top 5 Ugliest Motorcycles ever (Videos)

Beauty is something very subjective, and the definition of beauty is so vast that it is not simple for anyone to declare something beautiful or ugly right away. This is because the definition and criteria of beauty can differ for different people. Anything that you find attractive might be ugly for someone else. The same is the case with the rider's community. You will find riders with different tastes and perspectives when it comes to picking a bike they want to ride.


Here is the list with the top 5 ugliest motorcycles ever:

  1. Victory Vision

  2. Suzuki RE-5

  3. Honda Valkyrie Rune

  4. BMW C1

  5. HD Road Glide Ultra

Motorcycles are evolving ever since they have been introduced. We have seen a significant evolution in the design of the bikes, and we are yet to experience new designs in the bikes. However, we now have a clear perception of what motorcycles look alike. Most of the designs that we see in the market today are nothing but some tweaks in the basic design of the bikes.

Since motorcycle companies have been investing a lot of time and effort in making the design of their bikes unique, we have seen some of the weird designs in the process as well. You might have come across articles that shortlist some of the coolest motorcycle designs for their audience. But in this article, we will take you through some of the ugliest motorcycle designs that the world has ever witnessed.


Again, there is a chance that some riders might find these designs attractive. Well, no judging for bikes tastes, but we are definitely not the same. So without any further due, let's start with the top 5 list of the ugliest motorcycles designs ever.

Victory Vision:

Let's start with the least known models, and we will then move to some of the renowned brands as well. These bikes were popular as well, and they were most famous in North America. The ride of these bikes is really good, but when it comes to design, we are not very sure what was the thought process. It looks like a bike that has been designed by a car designer. There are no edges, and with so much volume in the body, it will be really hard for someone to ride this bike on a warm day.

Suzuki RE-5:

Although this is a bike from the previous century, looking at the design of this bike, we can assume how far Suzuki came in terms of design. This bike was never short of power, but it really didn't manage to succeed in the market. The reason is obviously the design. I mean who put a radiator in the bike facing the wheels and we haven't seen thermo flasks welded to the headlight before. If you look closely, you will find another small thermo flask at the bottom at the rare light of the bike as well. That's quite an innovation, we must say.

Honda Valkyrie Rune:

Honda has been experimenting with motorcycle designs as well, ever since they have decided to produce bikes. This one is a failed attempt to introduce something unique in the market. While looking at the bike, we can assume what management would have been discussing in the design meeting. They might have discussed that we don’t have bikes that are big and bulky and they came up with Valkyrie Rune. We are still not sure how much did the entire unit weighs but we can assure that only the rear fender of the bike would weigh more than 50lbs. But thanks to the high price of the bike, not many units were sold.


To this day, people don't exactly have an idea what C1 actually is. It is supposed to be a scooter, but it doesn't look like one. It has a massive engine and high roof with a windscreen and seatbelts. However, you need to have a bike license to ride this vehicle. We can assume that this was supposed to be a futuristic design of the bikes. Full marks for the safety features, but according to the law, you will still have to wear a helmet to ride a scooter. Also, the scooter didn't manage to do well in terms of sales.


HD Road Glide Ultra:

When we hear Harley Davidson, we assume a rider with a big moustache and beard riding a big bike with long handles. HD Road Glide Ultra is another Harley Davidson model that looks just like a wheelchair with handles. No one would want to take an armchair to the highway. What disappointed us the most is the headlights of the bikes that look like lights of a 3-year-old bicycle.

This our list of the top 5 ugliest motorcycles ever. We would love to see your list of the top 5 ugliest motorcycles. Tell us what you think is the ugliest motorcycle of all time?

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