Top 7 Motorcycle Mountain Passes

Is there anything better than to visit a country that offers spectacular mountain passes for a biker? Not only is it situated in beautiful surroundings with beautiful scenery, but you can also enjoy everything on two wheels with its mind-blowing curves, narrow tusks, a sense of tingling and the pleasure of tickling in your knees. That is a real bikers dream, isn't it? Many motorcyclists flock to the Alpine curves, but what does the rest of the world offer us?

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you with seven of the best mountain passes in the world for adventure loving bikers.

1. Mangart Chair, Slovenia

Although the road that leads to Mangart Saddle, it is not a mountain pass (you cannot access from one side to another), but it is definitely worth a visit. It is located in Slovenia, directly on the Italian border, the road leads to a height of 2,055 m, Making it the highest part of asphalt in the country.

Mangart Chair, Slovenia, Julian alps.jpg

This epic path consists of numerous meandering and bends as you stroll on the slopes of the third highest mountain in Slovenia. Mangart (2679 m) in the Julian Alps. Once you have reached the peak; you can spend a few moments in the car park and relish the magnificent views of the mountains, valleys, and lakes around you.

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2. Pha Din Pass – Son La, Vietnam

Local lore says it is where heaven touches the Earth, and that is why it is called the boundary between earth and heaven. Therefore, it deserves to be among the best renowned mountain lanes of the world!

At the height of 1648 meters, the top of Pha Din is still overcast. This is also why, when you reach the top of the passageway, everything will fade away, only the blue sky and clouds and green mountain forests will be visible to the visitors. Although part of the trail to the top of the mountain is paved, it represents a critical step, as one side there are steep slopes and on the other, the abyss.

In addition, there are many severe twists and turns around the mountain, particularly eight angles that have the same look as the letter A or Z, which are enough for only a single four-wheeled vehicle. It seems as if only small fault racers can cause a severe problem.

We recommend visiting the Pha Din Pass in spring, where you can enjoy the valley with bright white plum blossoms. Biking is the one of the finest way to enjoy stunning views and relish the sense of adventure. Being in the among the clouds after reaching the top of Pha Din Pass extremely exciting and calming at the same time!

3. Albula Pass, Switzerland

albula pass switzerland

Albula in southeast Switzerland is highly versatile. The less traditional curves of the typical Alpine route mean more surprises for the road. The gentle climb and the temple will take you from Wellesor to a stunningly visible slope from the first bends you covered. Albala lies through a deep gap between two rocky vertical walls and follows the road in an incredible way. He climbs the road after the village of Bergen, becomes tense and cracks the surface and becomes insane, before opening on the valley of Alvra. Some changes on the spherical surface complement the experiment as much as Punt-Chaumes-Ch.

4. Serra da Leba Pass, Angola

albula pass switzerland

The Col de la Serra da Leba is located in the heart of Angola, a great South African country, an exciting mountain road offering excellent views that are difficult to keep on the road. The trail is paved, steep, and reaches 1845 meters above sea level. There are a total of seven narrow prongs at the top of the road, forming a winding mountain and difficulty driving.

5. Furka Pass, Switzerland

Goldfinger James Bond, Furka is a thin layer of asphalt stretching between Grimsel pass and Andermatt along the north side of Furkareuss valley. Following two routes, Route 19 runs at a steady pace, with sweeping views of the open valley from the east. Hotels are located along the road and offer stunning views. The road gets narrower and narrower during landing, but after Realp and Bridge over Reuss, there is a straight line of 2.5 km to the finish line in the village of Zumdorf.

6. Passo Rolle, Italy

Passo Rolle, Italy

Passo Rolle is the second track in the Dolomite list, and as you might expect, it is not just the turns that make it an incredible journey. When you reach the top of the aisle, you can reach the summit of Kimon della Pala, Matterhorn of the Dolomites, between seeing and controlling the natural landscape.

It is difficult to look away from the huge tributary while continuing on the southern side of the corridor, you will go directly to the southwestern side of the mountain, before diving into a series of dramatic and rewarding twists. The many stages that Dolomite should provide from Passo Roll deserve exploration.

7. Marsimik La, Himalaya Indian

Ladakh, the land of marches, was blessed with the highest and lowest Indian Himalayan passes. The new entrance to this beautiful world is Marsimke not above the height of 5679 meters. Is one less winner of the Himalayan map and northeast of Khardong La (the unquestioning king of assistance, which has now become the incredible power of Marsimek) and ranks less than the Karakorum in Changthang.

Unlike other mountain passes that can be browsed, the Marsimik transmission is used primarily by the military authorities to provide food and other goods to the border guards. The invasion of Marcinek is not an easy task even for experienced motorcyclists. Multiple stages with holes, sand tracks and steep slope challenge the motorcyclists and motorcycles constantly. The charge will leave you fully depleted, which is why GO-GETTING SPIRIT is the most essential thing bikers need.

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The first important step of the Marsimik shipping process is carried out by Phobrang, Camping ITBP and where motorcyclists must remove all their possessions (except the tool kit). The corridor is 22 km from Phobrang.

The first 18 km, of course, is narrow and relatively straight, with some circles and dark mountains. But the sand and falling dust will definitely give you a headache. Do not miss this easy trip as a matter of course, because the sudden and sharp climb of the last four kilometers of the trip examines all your physical strength and mental strength. The hardest part of the campaign is the last 3 kilometers, where you should kill your device almost. But as soon as you reach this stretch, the traffic jams of Marsmick will erase the suffering of the journey.

Note * - motorcyclists must obtain a permit from the district authorities of Les because Marsimik La is an internal road.

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