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Top 10 Features to look for in Motorcycle Adventure Jackets

top motorcycle jacket features

Aside from safety and comfort, sturdiness, adaptability, and affordability. These are the first three things that an individual should think and consider when buying a jacket especially if it is to be worn while you are riding a bike. These jackets are exclusively known as Motorcycle Adventure Jackets.

Before reading ahead, keep in mind that the jackets you are looking at are your size. That is obviously the first feature to consider.

Secondly, these jackets tend to have a very specific look, and if you are confused about the details of buying a good jacket, then this guide of the top 10 features in these jackets are for you.

  • Ruggedness

ruggedness of jeans textile_800x534.jpg

The outer material of a jacket is perhaps the most important feature. It is the first

thing another individual notice. It is what primarily gives the rugged and biker look to its owner. More than this, the outer area is kind of like the protective layer possessing the ability of resistance towards any damage, weather, and heavy winds.

Leather was chosen in the earlier days due to its strong resistance against damage, but more recently, a synthesized leather-like material is being used because of its toughness as well as lack of weight. Often jackets have a mechanism within them, which makes them impervious to liquids. Waterproof jackets like this are encouraged.

waterproof adventure motorcycle jacket

  • Aeration

breathing mesh layer for motorcycle jackets and pants

The problem with motorcycle jackets is that the presence of one feature can often negate that of another feature. For example, if you opt for a rugged looking jacket, the downside can be that it may become too warm and hot later in the day. This is why it is very important to find a jacket that is inclusive of all these features.

For the purpose of having the first and the second feature, it is important that customers look for a jacket that is made of perforated leather or a textile mesh but still has a good zip-liner or zippered vents.

Waterproof breathable leather is the best material for a jacket.

  • Zippers

The most frustrating thing about a motorcycle jacket can often be its main zipper or the method of fastening for pockets and other areas. Through a study, it has been discovered that smaller zips not made of metal fail more easily, but this could change with the alteration of brands.

A substitute for zippers is snaps, hooks or loops. These are often used to give a different. They should be heavy and sturdy. However, a downside to them is that even though they function incredibly in the start, they may start to falter after excessive hard use.

  • Pockets

YKK zippers siima sibirsky

The need for pockets is tremendous in any jacket but especially the biker jackets. They look fashionable but also serve a lot of purposes.

It is always advised to find a jacket with more than enough pockets. The lack of pockets can be a downside in many jackets, but the preference of the number of pockets also depends on the individual. If you do want a jacket with more pockets, then make sure you are getting one that has both internal and external pockets.

  • Protectiveness

a motorcycle uniform of protective gear

Another very important feature is that the jacket is not only a piece of clothing but should also serve as protective gear. Often, these protective impacts are placed at the area of shoulder, elbows, and back. The presence of this does not save you from harm but lessens the risk of it. Perhaps the perfect jacket should include chest protectors as well. The presence of these can do absolutely no harm; rather they are quite useful.

  • Color

Colors of different jackets are for not only a fashionable look but also serve the

purpose of making the rider more visible to other riders and people. This visibility can be achieved by having a jacket that is brightly colored or fluorescent has designs that can be reflected in the light. This is to lessen accidents.

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  • Storm Flaps

These are embedded to stop cold air from attacking the individual. Flaps can be external or internal around the main zipper. However, external flaps sealed by loops, hooks, snaps or magnets are the most effective.

  • Collar

flap and collar on a motorcycle jacket

Usually, short collars can help keep out wind while not bothering the edge of the helmet but the material needs to be considered as well. If it is incredibly tough or stiff, it can cause chafing. The best most comfortable collar should be lined with fleece or soft velour.

  • Flexibility

It can be very beneficial if you buy a jacket with a removable main zipper. It makes it fit forever season. This can work with a jacket that has sleeves or serves as a vest.

  • Sleeves/Cuffs

The last feature is cuffs or sleeves. If they are not resistant than any other feature will not be able to keep you warm. It is preferred to have cuffs that can be closed with hooks or loops etc.

Any thoughts on the subject? Leave your comments below.

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