Which one is the best adventure bike? And why?

Motorcycle adventures are tales of daredevils. Your motorcycle becomes your companion through thick and thin when it comes to taking it out on an adventure.

There have been countless tales of people setting out with their motorcycle to cross the greatest distances that amount to the greatest stories. Very little compares to the adventure you can have with your trusted steel steed. It is as thrilling as a road trip can get – you and your motorcycle against the world, you can feel the air of all the different places you go on your face and through your hair.

You are one with the world when you are exploring on your motorcycle. A mechanical marvel, a motorcycle can prove to be the best companion of travel. It takes your adventure to an entirely other level because of the experience it presents. If you are looking for an experience that is incomparable, exhilarating, and exciting, go put your helmet on.

Motorcycles go far back in time. The first recorded motorcycle adventure taken was in the early 1900s, and the first model of motorcycles created was in 1885. The world has come a long way now. In over a century, the world as we knew it has completely changed.

We may not see the flying cars we had envisioned at the turn of the century but the changes in technology exist, and these changes are coming about at a revolutionary speed.

The only difference is that these changes are occurring on a scale that is so subtle that we do not even realize the extent to which the world has completely transformed. For this reason, motorcycles are evolving and adapting to the needs of the modern adventurer.

For a purpose this grand, you need to make sure that you have a motorcycle that can live up to the challenge. There are many brands out there that offer what you need and what you do not even know you need.

motorcycle adventure riding jackets

An adventure motorbike needs to be adapted to all the different conditions you are bound to come in contact with while on adventure. There are many aspects that need to be kept in consideration when making the choice in what is the best motorcycle to accompany you on your adventure.

An adventure bike needs to be equipped with the ability to go off-road. At the same time, it needs to maintain the control and handling of a sports motorbike. Adventure motorcycles need to be adept in tackling all sorts of surfaces that the adventurer might come in contact with, be it dirt or roads.

This applies to all aspects of the bike. The tires need to be suited to all purposes as well, making sure that they are not too knobby or not too slick. It is all about the course of the bike.

An adventure bike will see a lot of terrains, it will cruise down the highway across the country and at the same time it will probably take a tour of the woods, looking for a site to camp out.

Much like adventure vehicles in the world of cars and four-wheels, the concepts behind adventure bikes are expanding and becoming more versatile in order to suit the needs of the adventurer.

Adventure bikes promise utility and the control and speed of sports bikes. The segment of adventure motorcycles is increasing exponentially to make sure that you have a bike that suits you and your journey.

For this reason, we present to you what we believe is the most superior make and model for your adventure needs. It is adapted to any sort of climate and terrain that you may experience, being termed as the “multi-bike” due to its versatility.

Why the Ducati Multistrada 1260?

ducati multistrata 1200s 2017 white

Even though the new Multistrada is mostly the same as older versions, it got a major upgrade to a 1262cc engine called the Testrastretta DVT. It peaks at a power of 158PS and 129Nm torque which exceeds the old model which generated 152PS of power and 127Nm of torque.

There are three variants of the bike, the 1260 S, 1260 D-Air, the Standard, as well as Pikes Peak version. The S, D-Air, and Pikes Peak version come with a bi-directional quick shifter and, instead of the digital one on the standard version, it sports a 5 inch TFT instrument panel.

The motorbike also features four riding modes, namely Urban, Touring, Sport, and Enduro. The Pikes Peak version used carbon fibre which made it weigh 3kgs lighter than the standard model.

It is elegant and unique in its design with its signature five Y spoked wheels, with a design that ebbs and flow as smoothly as water. It sports volume differences between the rear and the back, giving it the sleek look that every biker wants.

This model of the bike features an improved DVT system that makes

performance optimal at every level, it has a redesigned exhaust system, and wheels that are 340 grams lighter than those before, making for a comfortable ride through all conditions.

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