Why Do Motorcycles Cost So Much?

Do you want to save money? If yes, then never buy a motorcycle. Do you know that genuine engine parts of a motorcycle are much more expensive than the generic parts? No matter, if these parts are made up of the same quality and have the same working efficiency. A genuine motorcycle brand will kick all the money out from your wallet. So there is no scene of savings if you are buying a motorcycle and of course, an original brand.

The reason behind the Too Much Cost of Motorcycle

The only reason behind the low cost of generic motorcycle parts is that they void warranties. However, the parts may become cheaper, or you can save a few pounds on them. But in the end, you will end up spending lots of money on their maintenance.

Nowadays, the working of most of the motorbikes depends on the computer. This is also one of the most important reasons for the increasing prices of genuine motorcycle parts.


Transmissions, frames, large engine parts and many other instrument clusters can increase 25% price of the motorcycle. Call me stupid or believe my words or not; the motorcycles parts made up of plastic are much more expensive. You can tear up plastic from your bike, and it will still run well on roads.

Chrome and other bike stuff also depend on the manufacturing of the motorcycle and the year of its launching. The prices of carbon fiber parts are increasing day-by-day. As compared to Japanese motorcycles, the Aprilia and Ducati motorcycles parts can cost much more than you think. The prices of motorcycles are increasing at a rapid speed in the international market.

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Every year, different brands launch their new collection and catch the attention of riders. A biker is all ready to buy anything better than his old motorcycle. Here I want to mention some most expensive motorcycles with their characteristics. The below information will tell you why motorcycle costs so much.

If you meant to be a biker, then nothing can stop you from this. The soldier inside a rider will immediately come out after seeing an open road. Are you ready to fulfill your dream as a rider? Let’s have a look at a few of the expensive motorcycles that every rider wants to buy.

V10 Superbike - Dodge Tomahawk


The first glimpse of this motorcycle was unveiled in 2003 in Detroit. V10 superbike is the dream of every biker because it is a lot more about speed and less about functions.680 kg is the net weight of Dodge Tomahawk, and it can roar with the speed of 485kph. Yes, 485kph that means it can run on the road faster than the speed of nuclear blast. Speed is everything that can melt any rider, and this motorcycle is all spiced up with prominent features.

Harley Davidson - Cosmic Starship


Here you can get the taste of America. This Cosmic Starship motorcycle may not have the same functions as compared to the other expensive bikes, but it can beat any motorcycle in speed. This motorcycle is a true combination of art and technology. An American artist worked on the hard outer shell of this bike. This is also the reason behind that it is one of the most expensive motorcycles that most of the riders want to roar its engine on the open road.

Ecosse Spirit


When the minds of American and British engineers come across with each other than this type of amazing wonders become a reality. Ecosse Spirit motorcycle is the only piece which is made after decades. The idea of this motorcycle came from high-speed Formula Car1. In the race of speed and functionality, this motorcycle can beat any other expensive bike. This rocket bike can give the power punch to the roads with the speed of 370kph. Not every rider is capable of handling this wondering item. This is also the reason merely any rider own this motorcycle.

The Energica Ego45


It is the best electric motorcycle that can reach the speed of 60mph within 3 seconds. This is the most expensive bike because it allows the rider to connect Bluetooth and cellular connections. The rider can send the data and time laps to their smartphone app easily. Most of the parts of this motorcycle are operated through the computer, and it is the main reason that this bike wins the list of expensive motorbikes.

From the above-listed motorbikes, you can get the idea behind the increase prices of motorcycles. Speed is the main point and riders are ready to do anything for owning a faster motorcycle.

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Do you also want to own one of the faster motorcycles? The only solution to this problem is that you can buy an already used motorcycle. It is never easier to adjust the speed or complete the running rate of new motorcycles. But an already used motorcycle can bring more satisfaction and save some money in your wallet.

Any thought on why motorcycles cost so much? Leave your comments below.

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