Winter Riding: 5 Tips and Tricks

Riding a motorcycle in the long and cold winter is not an easy task. The bike riders who want to ride their motorbikes year-round have to learn a lot regarding cross-country motorcycle rides. If you're going to train yourself in the winter season to keep your fitness up, you need to face some challenges for riding your bike.

Winter season means the unpredictable traction of a motorcycle. As the winter season comes, most of the people put their motorbikes in the storage. Such people miss the benefits they can get by riding in winter. According to the research, if we ride in the snow, our body learns to burn more calories and use oxygen in a better way.

But, those days are gone when people used to put their bikes in the storage area after seeing the snowflakes. Now, you do not need to stop your biking adventures due to the icy season. You do not need to hang up your motorcycle when you see the first snowflake falling. You can still ride your bike in winters by just following some simple tips. Remember, there is no alternative for experience, but do keep in mind that practice makes perfect!

We at Siima Motowear, have highlighted some essential and useful safety tips and tricks that you can use for riding your motorcycle in cold weather. We hope that all these tips will help you in preparing for a stiff ride.

1. Always protect your motorcycle from moisture or ice damage


During the bitter months of winter, the humidity in the air can come in your motorbike. As a result, when this moisture becomes ice, it makes the metal fragile and breakable. The ice not only affects the metal of the bike but can also make the inner systems of your bike freeze resulting in the breaking of such systems. To avoid this situation, you need to follow some simple tips and precautionary measures by which you can stop the moisture from spreading throughout your bike. First, try to clean the drive chain as well as the clutch cable. Make sure to apply some oil over the chain and cable before and after riding.


2. Always keep yourself warm and wear the correct gear


To keep yourself warm in the winter season, you need to go for the compounding layers. Try to wear the proper clothing while riding your bike in the snow. The reason is you will fail to pay your attention to the road while riding if you are trembling due to cold. Moreover, not wearing the proper gear while riding in winters is a dangerous thing.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your motorcycle ride in the cold weather, you need to go for thermal underclothes such as neck guards. You should also wear a waterproof jacket, a one-piece suit as well as thermal inner glove liners. Always keep in mind that never go for the riding gloves that make you feel too bulky. So, focus on All the Gear All the Time!

3. Prepare for the safety checks


The next important tip for winter riding is to prepare for the safety checks. Before starting your journey, first, start your bike's engine and let it run for several minutes so the engine can get warm. After that, you need to check the tires, lights, the level of oils, and the pressure of the tire. Make sure that your tire achieves enough grip temperature. Moreover, before each ride, always try to check the survival and repair kit. It is better to keep spare equipment with you before you start riding in winter.

4. Examine the forecast before setting off


Riding a bike in icy weather is not a bad idea unless and until you have done preparations for it. Along with checking the tires and engine of your motorbike, you need to examine the forecast before setting off. Always keep a rechargeable phone battery with you along with the facility of maps in case the Google maps are not available.

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5. Wipe or wash your motorcycle to avoid damage


After your ride in the snow, it is essential to wipe or clean your bike to prevent injury. After riding in the snow, the parts of your bike can get dirt, which can cause damage. You can use different sprays over your bike if you want to get rid of the extra moisture. This practice will also help you to make your motorcycle run smoothly for the next time.

To sum up:

All the points mentioned above represent some of the tips that you should learn about winter motorcycle riding. So, do not wait further and follow these tricks so you can keep riding right this winter and get the most of your winter cycling season. Happy Riding!

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