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Siima SV3 Leo Sport Touring Jacket

Siima SV3 Leo Sport-Touring Jacket is one of the market's most versatile jackets. Loaded with multiple removable layers, this jacket is designed to offer sport riders the comfort they need during fast rides.

Integrated with removable wateproof and thermal layer,  this jacket will protect you from nature's elements and keep you comfortble and safe  while you focus on the road. At the same time the jacket is equipped removable high visibility layer for optimal rider protection.

When it comes to protection, Siima SV3 Leo  has CE Certified protection on shoulders, back and elbows (EN1621-1 / EN1621-2) 

Designed for sport riders, Siima SV3 Leo Sport-Touring motorcycle jacket is here to offer comfort and protection during your fast rides!

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