5 Great Reasons to Have a Motorcycle Vacation

You must be thinking why should you have a motorcycle vacation while you have a car? You may had gone on vacations on car, bus, train or airplane but never on motorcycle. Right? You may be thinking that motorcycle is not comfortable for a journey as compared to car, bus, train or other such vehicles.

However, the situation is not the same as you are thinking. Most of the times, we keep on using mobile phones or screens during travelling but is it the real purpose of your travel? You have been ignoring all the beauties of your vacation which kills the purpose of your vacation.

However, if you are riding on a motorcycle, you can explore the world at its maximum instead of keep yourself busy on screens and ignoring the outside charms. We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and came up with five great reasons behind why you should have a motorcycle vacation. These are as follows:

  • Adventure

Motorcycle can make your trip more adventurous and mind-blowing than using a

motorcycle adventurer enjoying freedom and solitude

car or bus etc. for this purpose. There are many places where we cannot drive cars or buses but we can explore those adventurous places with the motorcycle. Adventure always double the happiness and charm of a vacation.

Therefore, make sure you enjoy your vacation at its best by using a motorcycle. In this way, explore the interesting placing which are impossible to explore with a car and other related vehicles. You can ride motorcycle in a forest, hill top, sea coasts or any such place and discover the horizons while making remarkable memories.

  • Ease of Individuality

If you are going on a vacation on a public bus, airplane, train or in a shared car,

birds flying in order while there is one outside of the group.jpg

you may not reveal your true-self due to the presence of others. You would behave nicely, may feel uneasy, and follow the rules and manners. It reduces the real joy and happiness which you can experience when you are alone.

Having a motorcycle vacation gives you the opportunity to reveal your inner-self and enjoy your vacation at its best. The ease of individuality itself is a great blessing when you are on vacations. This is because there are no restrictions on you about anything and you can do what you want to do. The absence of any pressure from any person doubles the happiness and treat.

  • No more waiting in traffic Jam

One of the most common problems that everyone of us is facing today is the

traffic jam with sunset view.jpg

traffic jam issue. This issue is more prevalent if you are living in an under-developing country. However, if you want to escape from this issue, make sure to have a motorcycle vacation.

In many countries, there are separate pathways for riding motorcycles which saves the time which is used in long waiting lines of large vehicles. In motorcycle pathways, there are usually no speed breakers and no traffic signals which further saves your time. Ultimately, you reach your destination in shorter interval of time while feeling less tired. A lot of your energy saves due to no rush hours, traffic jam issues and no in-journey waiting.

  • Explore Nature

man standing on top of a rock enjoying the view of the forest and the sunset.jpg

When we travel in cars and buses, most probably we kept using the screens for entertainment, instead of looking outside to beautiful sceneries and places. This impacts the real purpose of going on a vacation. In contrast to it, whenever you go on a motorcycle vacation, there are more chances that you would explore the beauties of the nature instead of keep busy in screens.

You wouldn’t miss the charms of the routes and see many interesting and amazing things that you mightn’t have seen before. In this way, you would enjoy your trip with a greater pleasure and will keep engaged in exploring the nature.

  • Cost Saving

Having a motorcycle vacation is also highly cost-effective or cost saving. When

miniature monuments of different statuses such as statue of liberty, big ben and others.jpg

you travel in other vehicles such as cars, buses, airplanes etc., you need to buy more fuel or petrol to keep your vehicles moving. As compared to it, you need to invest less in buying fuel/petrol for a motorcycle.

Similarly, the maintenance of a larger vehicle before or during vacation/trip costs more than the maintenance of a motorcycle. Furthermore, when you prefer to use a motorcycle for a vacation, you have to pay less parking fee at various spots while the parking fee for larger vehicles is obviously higher.

Sometimes, there are issues about no parking available for larger vehicles but there are more parking slots for the motorcycles. Thus, you are also saved from this parking issue and easily park your motorcycle at your desired parking area.

If you are travelling alone or going on a vacation alone, the use of motorcycle is the best among all. You must try it once and make your vacation more adventurous, amazing and memorable.

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