5 Good Reasons to Gear Up

We understand that you regard your motorcycle as your companion through the wild side of life. It is your chariot, your trusted steed. You are moved to take good care of your machine companion, but you must remember to take good care of yourself while you are riding it too, in order to ensure that you do not cut your own journey short because of recklessness. There are precautions that you must take to make sure you are prepared for anything that may befall you while you are on the road.

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There are many laws for different regions and states for the imposition of physical safety and the importance of wearing motorcycle riding gear with different intensity and level of enforcement. However, rules are not the best incentive to encourage behavior of safety. People must understand why they are asked to do what they are asked to do. Not to mention that motorcyclist safety may just be a neglected facet of state law.

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In the US, the crash data from 2015 shows that according to the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,976 people experienced fatal motorcycle crashes in the year 2015. Not to make you worry with a fearful statistic, it is only important to realise that motorcycle crashes are very real and there is a dire need to take all necessary measures to prevent it. With motorcycle riding gear, you also don on the outfit of biker to make it a part of your identity.

We, at Siima MotoWear have pondered enough, and we present you with some great and important reasons to gear up. Let us take a look at the five good reasons to gear up before you set out on your journey with your steel steed of glory, so that the next time you venture out onto the road, you remember to equip yourself with some biking essentials:

1. Speed Thrills but also Kills

It is important to realise the power that speed has. If the fastest human recorded,

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Usain Bolt, were to fall running at a speed of 27.78 mph, his peak in a 100 meter sprint, he would sustain serious injuries. Imagine what it would do to you if you were going much faster on a hunk of steel.

Even if you are just getting around town, there is a good chance that you will be exceeding the 50 mph mark. If you are on the highway, you will easily find yourself hitting a speed of 85 mph or more. The thing to realise is that your body is not built to weather impact at a speed as high as that. It is not your motorcycle that is fatal, it is the speed it creates. If your bones, skin, and organs were to experience impact or collision while you are traveling at that speed, there is a good chance that you will not be able to withstand it.

2. The Abrasion Factor

Something that is unique to accidents experienced by motorcyclists is the

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abrasion factor. Your life cannot bear a motorcycle crash, and neither can your skin. The average rate of abrasion when your body comes in contact with the surface of the road is the you will lose 1 mm of flesh for every 1 mph you travel over the speed of 30 mph. When you scale that up to the damage done when you are traveling at over 55 mph, you can estimate the level of abrasion you will experience, leaving not an inch of your skin on your body.

3. Weather the Storm

Your motorbike may be the best thing that ever happened to you, but you may wonder how it would have felt if you had invested in a car instead. You can say goodbye to those regrets if you decide to invest in motorcycle riding gear. It is not just unpleasant to travel in the cold, it is also dangerous. When your hands are exposed to the cold winds outside in the absence of riding gloves, you may even lose control of your bike. The world is always colder for a biker than it is for everyone else given the wind chill.

4. No Warmth Woes

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You may think twice about investing into protective gear thinking of all the heat all the leather is going to trap inside when you are taking your bike on a ride under the sun. Contrary to popular beliefs, your body needs time to let the sweat do its work. The wind works when you are on your bike are too fast in blowing off the sweat, taking it away before the cooling effect has the chance to sink in. Let sweat do its job by choosing appropriate summer riding gear.

5. Save your Hands

Protective gear takes care of your skin and your bones. It also saves one of the most important parts of your body – the hands. With the appropriate pair of gloves, you can save your hands as they are the first part of your body to touch down when you find yourself in a crash.

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