5 reasons why Europe is the best motorcycle adventure destination

Before starting, let me explain first what motorcycle adventure is? It is to go on a trip with everything you need. It includes planning routes for unknown areas, planning stays for overnights, finding foods, find fuel in abstract areas and taking care of yourself when things get not so good.

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Some riders ride too far in away areas thousands miles or kilometres away and stay there for years or even for decades. People ride to different regions. Among many destinations, Europe is an amazing place for motorcycle adventure. And if you love adventure riding then you will never get disappointed while riding in Europe.

Europe is considered by many adventure riders the best riding destination in the world. To see amazing places from the saddle is like a dream come true. Europe takes you from one beauty to another from bursting coastal areas of Italy to a highly diversified culture combined with amazing on as well as off roads.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present you with some of the reasons why Europe is the best adventure destination:

Stelvio Pass:

stelvio pass italy_800x534.jpg

One of the most popular passes in the Alps is Stelvio pass also considered the

best way in the world. You may be able to go an altitude of 2750m by its 48 hairpins. During peak hours. The road can be busy so be very careful. Needless to say, the scenery is beyond this world.

Mountain passes in Switzerland:

beautiful mountain passes in switzerland_800x534.jpg

Skiing is popular in Swiss Alps, but not for adventure riders. The roads down the mountains are a dream for bikers. Beautiful passes include Fukra pass, Grimsel Pass, Susten pass and Got a hard pass. You will ride the rides and beautiful sights like cobblestones. The weather however is unpredictable, so be prepared.

Amalfi coast in Italy:

amalfi coast road going under a mountain rock_800x534.jpg

Another fantastic riding 50km is turning and swirling, rising when road touches the sides of rock faces. Rocking Mountains on one side and blue sea sides (Ravello with Positano) on the other side. It known as ‘Road of 1000 Curves') admired the people.

Norway routes:

henningsvaer pass in norway_800x600.jpg

Norway is an excellent and fantastic country to ride. You will see it as one of the best sights. The roads are fantastic. Fro roads of Atlantic Ocean to tunnels and Lysevegen curves will definitely be a unique riding experience.

N222, Portugal:

n222 road in portugal_800x530.jpg

The 27km Distance between the pin Hao alone and the Peso da Regua has surrounding vineyards and 93 bends!

European Roads:

Road quality is very good for motorcycle touring in Europe. Highways are very accurate as other highways. Some mountains are gravelly, and some are potholed, but most mountains are good looking.

During the months of summer, traffic on highways can be heavy. Often, there is work on roads which makes the traffic heavy. But due to the great quality of smaller roads, although you stuck in a rush, you will probably be in position to handle it. The drivers are fairly polite and mellow for the most part. Certain Countries however (usually the Mediterranean ones) have drivers with higher temper.

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European Paperwork:

Due to paperwork, Europe is one of the best places in the world. Citizens of New Zealand, Australia, and Canada can enter Schengen Space for free. They can stay here for 90 days without a visa.

If you leave the Schengen space before ninety days, Countdown is stopped and will continue when you return. If you leave the Schengen space after the 90 days is complete.

You will leave and spend the other 90 days in another area like Balkans and Turkey. You will return to Schengen to spend another ninety days. Due to insurance of motorcycle adventure in EU insurance and the green card will cover many areas of Western Europe. In Europe, Carnet passage not required.


Normandy Beaches in France:

normandy road and beach in france_800x450.jpg

It is along the French Coast Stretching from Rouen to medieval mountains. Particularly, History artists enjoy the rides. There are beaches popular for the sites of D Landings along with coastlines brooded with German Bunkers.

There is a war grave Where 1000 people laid to rest. You will also pass through them. Your quickest and better auxiliary crossing is Dover through Calais.

Have you been on a pan European trip on a motorcycle? Share you thoughts below to help other fellow riders!

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