7 Most Dangerous Situations When Adventure Riding

The road calls you out. When you are with your motorcycle, there is a chance you have dream about taking it out for an adventure. Hearing all the stories of old, why should you not dream of such an adventure for yourself?

One the road with your motorcycle is one place where you are absolutely free to be who you are and take in what the world has to offer you. All the tales that people have recounted about setting out on a cross-country journey to discover the world and themselves have been full of how they left all their strings behind to find themselves without any regrets.

Motorcycle adventures are essential, and they are worth it. Your motorcycles may just be the most important part of your trip. They become the machines you rely on when the going gets tough.

They inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and just ride across the known and the unknown. There is so much more to experience on a journey taken on your steel steed than there is through anything else.

Motorcycle adventures have inspired many a book and taught riders things about themselves, the countryside, and the entire world. You are one with the world when you are exploring on your motorcycle.

A mechanical marvel, a motorcycle can prove to be the best companion of travel. It takes your adventure to an entirely different level because of the experience it presents. If you are looking for an experience that is incomparable, exhilarating, and exciting, go put your helmet on.

At the same time, you must be able to embrace this adventure with maximum preparation so that you have nothing to worry about.

In order to become one with the world, you must be able to distance yourself of the thought of what you will do in a situation where you find yourself in danger. You may not know it when you start out, but you always want to be a cautious adventurer.

People often believe in the invulnerability factor – the optimism that bad things that usually happen to people will not happen to them. This automatically increases the likelihood of break downs of your vehicle by the side of the road when you cross uncharted territory just because you dared to get a few extra thousands of miles when you know your battery or tires area already run down.

In order to be well prepared for the worst of things that you must encounter, and even situations you may not even recognize for their peril, we, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we will analyze the seven most dangerous situations that you may face when you are on an adventure with your motorcycles so that you can be armed with the knowledge of what to do in the case any of these situations occur:

Oncoming traffic

Whether you are on a highway or the road, perhaps the greatest danger posed to motorcyclists is the onset of traffic. This is because drivers of four-wheeled vehicles may be careless in their driving or just distracted.

oncoming headlight from another vehicle in the road

In the case that the drivers of four-wheeled vehicles lose control of their cars, they run the risk of driving into motorcyclists and injuring not only you but your motorcycle as well. It is important to steer clear of oncoming traffic and taking extra caution to make up for the lack of attention paid by other drivers on the road.

Gravel on the Road

It is likely that you will encounter different terrains in your adventure travels. During the course of your journey, you may come across many dirt paths and uneven roads.

motorcycle adventure riding jackets

gravel road in the middle of nowhere

Motorcycles fare alright when they are encountered with different surfaces if you have the right brand; however, with the interference of different materials on the road, you may need to take extra caution. This is because gravel makes it harder for you to maintain your grip and it makes it extremely difficult to handle your bike through the litter on the road.

Unpredicted and Unfriendly Weather

Your motorcycle has a lot to offer you, but it is true that in the event of the

torrential rain and motorcycles on the road in the forest

elements being against you, you are going to suffer the problems of getting soaked or having other drivers splash water on you as they pass by. This problem is amplified by the road getting slicker with reduced visibility that will make it harder for you to navigate on the road.

Failed Equipment

a motorcycle adventure rider fixing his tire

It is reasonable that you may experience increased wear and tear due to the course of your adventure. In this case, it is important that you have a basic survival kit that will allow you to repair basic failures to make sure you can get to civilization with your bike in the case of a breakdown.

Unexpected change of terrain

The terrain always warns you. It is important that you are careful when it comes

dirt bikes in competing in the mud

to changes in terrains in order to maintain control in dangerous terrains. For example, if you see mountains in the beyond, be prepared for rocky terrain on the road ahead so that you do not lose control.

Running out of Fuel

a man pumping gas in his motorcycle

Regardless of the level of your expertise, there is always a chance you miscalculate fuel usage and find yourself stranded without gas. It is important you have excess instead of too little.

dirt bikes in competing in the mud

Night Riding

Night riding is infamous as dangerous

and with good reason. It makes it harder to see for you as well as other drivers. It is best to travel the maximum distance during daylight hours.

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