Siima ADV Gloves: Proto #3 Updates w/ Video Presentation

Hello Everyone,

This is Giorgos (or George) from Siima MotoWear and i am going to update you guys on the process of developing Siima Sibirsky Adv Gloves.

Yeap this is the third prototype of Siima Sibirsky ADV Gloves! After the first prototype, i did some more detailed work. Have a look at the video presentation and read more for the details:

The first prototype is good but it comes with flaws. Flaws that sometimes can be unacceptable such as the way the short version is structured, the type of the protectors, the comfort it offers etc.

I do like the third proto and this is how the glove will look like, more or less. There will be a few aesthetic changes to make the gloves more appealing, but i don't think there will be radical changes.

So let's dive into what changed:

1. Protection

This is one of the major ones. All protectors have been upgraded. The gloves are

siima sibirsky adventure gloves knuckle view

not only CE Approved but also EN 13594:2015 & EN 13595-2:2002. I hope that the final design will not affect this safety level.

As you can see, knuckle and fingers protection changed and new wrist protector was added to protect the are at the end of ulna bone.

Additionally, the palm is now reinforced with super fabric for better protection.

Multiple areas have been double stitched. We are planning to fully double stitch the gloves.

We have a few more changes to make on the protection of this gloves but generally speaking not much will change.

2. Design

siima sibirsky adventure gloves palm view

A more refined and professional look compared to the previous prototypes. Gloves are now more appealing and well put together.

Big improvements on the short version but not quite there yet. We have managed to make short version look and fit better than previous protos.

However, fit at the wrist is still a problem though now it's much better than before. This is because we take into consideration that a user might wear these gloves with or without a jacket. With a jacket gloves look good. Without a jacket we will need to make some improvements.

Generally speaking, expect more decorative changes taking place. Addition of more colors and the improvement of short version are the main issues at this point.

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3. Comfort

siima sibirsky adventure gloves split knuckle view

Due to lack of testing there is not much to say here. Hipora waterproof lining is included however this sample does not include the dual system that will make the gloves waterproof or not depending on which side the rider will decide to put them on.

At the moment we will be testing this hipora version. Hopefully the final version will have this system.

Comfort in summer is still pending since we have yet to test the ventilation of the gloves. Based on previous proto tests the 4 way air mesh performs rather good.

However, since this version undergone some radical changes, new tests are planned.

If necessary there will be additional 4 way air mesh areas.

siima sibirsky adventure gloves split palm view

Materials used in this version:

- 180gr bemberg +5mm sponge color black

- Hipora waterproof membrane

- 4 way air mesh layers green color

- Carbon PU YM 12-042

- Goat Nappa leather

- Goat Digital reinforcements

- Superfabric #700665

- Roll PU 18mm

That's all folks! We are getting closer and closer to releasing this innovative design. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile you can always have a look at our already developed motorcycle gear.

I am all about hearing your views, suggestions and opinions.


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