Top 5 Motorcycles For Cruising (2018)

You may have been inspired by a film you caught or a tale you heard about long-distance adventure with you and your motor steed. You have envisioned what it would be like to travel, road after road, stretch after stretch, feeling the wind in your hair, with nothing tying you down. You have heard that riding a motorcycle feels like flying. Better yet, you may have experienced it and feel it in your blood that you are ready to set out on a journey of a lifetime. Whatever the trigger may have been, you have decided to experience the world that awaits you in a way that only a motorcycle can provide.

An ambition that great requires a motorcycle that can live up to the task. Requirements for the mission mean that you must look into the kind of motorcycle you will make your travel companion – a formidable mission requires a formidable motorcycle companion. You will need to choose the motorbike that can see you through all the ups and the downs, provides you with consistency, efficiency, and durability. If you are going far from home, you must take as much as you can of it with you. When you are on the road with a vehicle you trust, you will never find yourself losing faith, no matter how tough the road gets.

If you are going to be putting over three to five hundred miles a day, you need a vehicle that can handle that. A tour will most definitely consist of piling up hundreds of miles on consecutive days in a row, which you will not want to venture on with your street bike or cruiser. Touring bikes need to be able to provide you with adequate weight, suspension, seating, and wheelbase that you can ride on with stability and maximum comfort. You will need your bike to pack a good amount of power and have enough storage space to provide you a home on

the road.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present the top five best cruisers of 2018:

1. BMW K 1600 K GTL Exclusive

The BMW K 1600 K GTL Exclusive provides you with the most popularly demanded

BMW K 1600 K GTL Exclusive

options for equipment to a sturdy base, the K 1600 GTL, which amounts to a price that is $6000 less. It packs plenty of power with its inline-six powerplant. It provides you control with the BMW’s ABS Pro cornering-optimized brake system. It also features the Hill Start Control. It secures you with a central locking safety system, all packed with an alarm. You can be assured that you will rest comfortable with its heatable seat, that comes equipped with a backrest. With LED auxiliary light and an adaptive xenon headlight, you can comfortably travel in hours after dusk.

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2. Honda’s Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS


Honda’s Gold Wing is a veteran vehicle for touring. It has maintained its dominance over touring vehicles for a hefty period of more than four decades. It is a ride that offers you comfort with its smooth drive, made possible by its horizontally-opposed engine and shaft final drive – the source of power for the ride – and its special chassis. It comes fully equipped with a full-coverage windshield and bodywork. It is adapted to touring with integrated luggage, heatable seats, and heated grips which allow you to ride through thick and thin. It allows you travel without worry with its navigation system and anti-lock brakes.

3. Harley Davidson’s CVO Unlimited

From the rich touring lineup presented by Harley Davidson, this bike starts at the


highest price of $41,000 but makes sure it gives you reason for spending money. It is an extremely powerful vehicle, with the Harley’s Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin engine as its power source. It comes equipped with liquid-cooled cylinders heads and radiator. It offers you better suspension with its new front and rear suspensions that have a hand-adjustable pre-load.

4. Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

The Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS gives you enough power to get through your journey with its advanced V-twin, offering plenty of torque. It gives you control with its ABS system, providing you with a distributed brake force control that provides the rider with efficiency and confidence.

5. Indian Roadmaster Classic

Indian offers a Roadmaster touring model that is close in resemblance to the

Indian Roadmaster Classic

larger models brought to you by Hondas and Harleys. However, what sets the Roadmaster apart is that it is a combination of sophistication and comfort, which at the same time retains a classic vintage look. It comes fully equipped with the essentials for long-distance road travel: leather saddlebags and a leather trunk. It is accessorized with other leathered appendages as well to add to the look. It offers you a sturdy aluminum frame with LED headlights and driving lights to help you ride after dusk. It offers stability and control with ABS brakes, a windshield to protect you, seats that can be heated, and a headdress on the front fender.

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