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15 Weird Hobbies that’ll Make You Better at Motorcycle Adventures

Are you planning a day or two-week biking ride? Are you concerned about what you might do to pass the time? Here is a list of few hobbies you can pick up on your adventurous long or short road trip.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present you with fifteen weird hobbies that will make you better at motorcycle adventures:

1. Eating at odd times

Woman resting in camping_800x534

We all have a set time to eat meals. Lunch is set at noon or in the afternoon, and dinner is set at 6 pm or late evening. However, if you are on a biking tour, you can eat whenever you want and try different cuisines. There is no set schedule.

2. Trading valuables

New Year's Eve holiday party, pocket watch, clock at midnight_800x533

You can hide your valuables, such as watches and keys, and wallets, by taping them together or using a zip tie so everything stays in one place. Some bikers even trade keys with long-term biking companions. Trading valuables require mountains of trust which does not come easy.

3. DIY

Two men arranging items next to motorcycle in workshop_800x533

You are not going to travel with a trunk full of clothes on biking tours. Stuffing clothes and belongings in a saddlebag is a great technique to keep your possessions dry. Trash bags, when doubled, are incredibly beneficial for storing clothes for bikers all around the world.

4. Spontaneity

Friends riding motorbikes on desert road against sky_800x533

When you are nearing the end of the biker trip, you can push through the last stop and travel to the far side of the following city as a quick getaway. You will experience different landscapes and local hospitality by doing so. Itwill definitely be one for the diary or your blog.

5. Hydration

Smiling Man With Coffee Mug Sitting On Motorcycle_800x533

Riding through desolate tours is not possible without hydration. The humid weather and the driving under the scorching sun do not help bike riding. Carrying a hydration outlet on your backpack prepares you for similar adventures where you need to make the best of what is available.

6. Out-of-the-box thinking

Farmer Helping Bogged Learner Trail Bike Rider on a Farm_800x533

Before leaving for a long trip, it is wise to arrange your itinerary. Reserve an envelope for each day of the trip. You can store hotel keys and other relevant information that you will require on the day. Arranging your schedule like this will help you save time when you search for something in a hurry.

7. Learning about your bike

Man rides motorcycle in countryside_800x534

This hobby may not be odd, but it is most helpful. Check your bike every morning before you leave off riding. Check the engine oil and the torque. Learning more about your bike will help you understand it better in case it breaks down.

8. Social responsibility

Motorbike traffic in Bangkok_800x533

It is essentialto understand the context of road sign assistance. Memorize or storing roadside assistance or emergency contacts in your phone. You do not know when you would need them or would be asked for on your bike journey. Always stay prepared.

9. Hearing Protection

motorcycle helmet_800x534

When you are driving the bike fast, audio obstruction can seriously ruin the experience. Wearing earplugs will introduce comfort throughout the journey. It is a learning experience for the rider to stay more aware of sensory interactions and experiences. Modern earplugs eliminate white noises for a smoother ride.

10. Read roadside signs

Rear View Of Man Standing On Road Side By Signboard Amidst Field_800x533

When you ride on an isolated road in the middle of nowhere and suddenly require assistance, it is essential to know the location to convey to the authorities. Therefore, read road signs or names of tiny hospitable establishments that you cross along the way.

11. Do nothing

Motorcycle rider on the beach at sunrise_800x534

Yes, it takes time to master to do nothing. You are undoubtedly going on a long journey, so plan a day or two of doing nothing. Enjoy the scenery. Time is the most expensive luxury you own on a trip that is absolutely free. Waste is wisely!

12. Learning to network

Female mechanics working on motorcycles_800x570

Remember to book rooms or lay overs in advance, or you will be spending the nights outside. Not that sleeping outside carries a bad omen. You can also communicate to the previous trip partners that you might be staying for a day or two. It is a great money-saving technique.

13. Ride at night

Motorcycle Camping Adventure Ride Under Starry Sky, Alvord Desert OR_800x533

Most drives begin their journey from sunrise onwards. However, this is not ideal on summer trips. Therefore, ride at night. The sceneries and senses at night are utterly opposite from the daytime. You can definitely learn more about nature and surroundings from a different perspective.

14. Journaling

Redheaded motorcyclist leaning against tree trunk taking notes, Andalusia, Spain_800x534

After you have completed a riding for a day, journal your daily journey. Pour your experiences onto paper. Journaling is highly therapeutic that makes one aware of his limitations and evolution as a human being. Later on, you can publish the journals online or create a biking blog.

15. Scrapbooking

Close up human hand pointing to photo in photo album_800x533

What other way is there to document a journey other than taking pictures and videos? Exquisitely taken pictures cement the memories onto our brain and phone memory. You can also pick flowers or plant leaves and leave them to dry for 24 hours to create bookmarks or add them to your personal scrapbook collection.


Bike journeys open us to limitless experiences and endless memories,but memories fade.So it is a personal responsibility to take on hobbies to learn more about ourselves and our future adventures.

Any thoughts on the 15 weird hobbies that’ll make you better at motorcycle adventures? Leave your comments below.


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