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15 Weird Hobbies that’ll Make You Better at Motorcycle Adventures

Are you planning a day or two-week biking ride? Are you concerned about what you might do to pass the time? Here is a list of few hobbies you can pick up on your adventurous long or short road trip.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present you with fifteen weird hobbies that will make you better at motorcycle adventures:

  1. Eating at odd times

  2. Trading valuables

  3. DIY

  4. Spontaneity

  5. Hydration

  6. Out-of-the-box thinking

  7. Learning about your bike

  8. Social responsibility

  9. Hearing Protection

  10. Read roadside signs

  11. Do nothing

  12. Learning to network

  13. Ride at night

  14. Journaling

  15. Scrapbooking

1. Eating at odd times

Woman resting in camping_800x534

We all have a set time to eat meals. Lunch is set at noon or in the afternoon, and dinner is set at 6 pm or late evening. However, if you are on a biking tour, you can eat whenever you want and try different cuisines. There is no set schedule.

2. Trading valuables

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You can hide your valuables, such as watches and keys, and wallets, by taping them together or using a zip tie so everything stays in one place. Some bikers even trade keys with long-term biking companions. Trading valuables require mountains of trust which does not come easy.

3. DIY

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You are not going to travel with a trunk full of clothes on biking tours. Stuffing clothes and belongings in a saddlebag is a great technique to keep your possessions dry. Trash bags, when doubled, are incredibly beneficial for storing clothes for bikers all around the world.