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Best 5 Motorcycles with a seat height between 720mm and 739mm

Are you wondering if there are any bikes available for the shorter riders? Well, it’s been a potential question by the male and female short riders if what motorcycles will be more suitable for them to have the best off-road racing and riding experience. And it’s an issue exacerbated on one side with the popularity of adventure bikes with routinely seat heights that go right for the giants and those who have a good height.

At the same time, multiple manufacturers intend to commendably tackle this high seat issue by introducing more and more adventure and racing bikes with adjustable saddles and come up with extra-low seat options, giving the best alter to the short riders. As a result, all those riders who are looking for short-seated motorcycles can buy such adventure bikes with the plenty of options available in the market. But how can one know if which bike is the most appropriate one? Therefore, we reviewed and came up with some of the best motorcycles with a seat height between 720mm and 739mm, depending upon their technical specs and feasibility.

So here is the list:

Top 5 low-seated motorcycles

1. Honda CTX700

Honda CTX700

Honda CTX700 comes up with a low seat height of just 28.3 inches (718mm), making it an obvious choice for riders with short heights. In addition, this bike comes up with extreme versatility that offers you the best comfort, great weather protection, and plenty of power too. CTX700 by Honda has a very laid-back riding seat position and offers great straight footpegs and hand control over the bike. However, it’s up to the rider to choose for the traditional footpegs or the straight ones depending upon your convenience.

One of the main features of this bike is its DCT Dual-Clutch Transformation, letting you choose either manual or automatic gear selection using the simple buttons on its handlebars. Honda CTX700 is a perfect combination of sports bikes and cursor bikes with its comfort and feet-forward ergonomics design along with the remarkable seat of just 718mm.

2. Honda Fury


With a wide range of motorcycles for the short riders, Honda introduced this stylish, beautiful, fury, and glamour Honda Fury bike that looks terrific and will surely grab the attention whenever you go out with it. It comes up with an elite design for an easy and comfortable driving experience that will make you ride over and over again. Honda Fury is easy to use for the beginners and experts both. Once you become used to it, you will feel comfortable riding on it, and with enough experience, you will have a great cruising experience too.

Talking about the seat height, the seat lies below the 27-inches mark, making it an excellent choice for shorter people. In addition, the bike has a V2 engine that might cause a slight vibration while riding, but it is not too high. Moreover, another unique feature of Honda Fury is its computer-controlled fuel jet injection that provides better performance.

3. Suzuki Boulevard C50

Long Beach USA - November 17 2017- Suzuki Boulevard C50 on display during Progressive International Motorcycle Show_800x506

This bike comes up with a seat height of 27.6 inches, giving you the standout cruisers of great comfort and speed for short-heightened riders. In addition, the bike offers amazing wire-spoke wheels, copious chrome, floorboards, and great fenders. At the same time, Suzuki Boulevard C50 has a fuel-injected motor which is also water-cooled along with the high-quality IRC pair and Grand High Speed of GS-23 tires, providing you with the best riding experience on the off-roads too.

Suzuki Boulevard offers plenty of performance, including a 45-degrees V-twin, short-stroke design, great 805cc motor, and much more. In addition, the bike has a wheelbase of 65-inches, and rake of 33-degrees, and a small-diameter handlebar, giving you the best ride experience anywhere you want.

4. Suzuki Boulevard C50T


Suzuki Boulevard C50T is one of the best choices for short-heightened riders with a low seat of just 27.6 inches. It comes up with metallic paint with the latest and stylish tank graphics, a great leather seat, matching saddlebags, windscreen, and much more.

The bike has an elite V-twin engine of 45-degrees along with dual pipes, providing you with a great ride on the highways. Moreover, it has a classic stylish windscreen, comfortable footpegs, a tremendous comfortable lower seat, buckhorn-styled handlebars, and a great engine power with 5-speed transmission, striving you the to give the enjoyable off-road rides with no speed wobbles.

5. Kawasaki Vulcan S


This Kawasaki Vulcan S bike is perfect for short riders, powered by the air-cooled engine of 649 cc that produces power. It is built as an ideal sports motorcycle and comes up with the 14 L tank, also available in different variants. Several machines were introduced in the past with the combination of a slim V-twin motor and a low saddle like Yamaha XV535 for those who could afford it, Harley’s Hugger with the most customized features, which is good for both men and women.

But now, there are even more options available than ever before, and it doesn’t mean that you will be opting for the old saddled and under-performing bikes. Still, there are plenty of offerings ranging from the lowest seat height to the highest, like this Kawaski Vulcan S but at lower rates. The bike comes up with a seat of just 27.6-inches along with a comfortable, fast engine, stylish handlebars, digital trip meter and speedometer, and much more, making it an ideal option for short riders.


The days had gone by when riders with shorts heights had to adjust on the standard adventure and racing bikes because now numerous manufacturers have come up with different motorcycles that are specifically designed for the short riders, giving them the excellent opportunity to go on with their racing passion with no difficulties.

There are different that you need o keep in mind while making a purchase for your desired motorcycle, like how the design is, bike parts, the quality of the materials, engine reliability, design, speed, handlebars, and most importantly, the seat height that a particular manufacturer is offering. Some bikes have customizable options for both heightened and short people with more flexibility, but choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Any thoughts on the best low seated motorcycles? Leave your comments below.


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