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Videos - 7 Of the World’s Best Motorcycle Adventure Routes

Lewis and Clark Trail, United States of AmericaTaking a bike ride through gorges, mountains, and river streams is a revolutionary experience. Exploring the world on two wheels is an unmatched experience. We have gathered some of the best routes from around the planet to help you decide on your next motorcycle journey. The following courses will take you from the world's tip-in Asia to the most southern end at Cape Town.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present you with 7 of the world's best motorcycle adventure routes:

High Line Road, Anderson Lake, D'Arcy, BC, Canada_800x533

N222, Portugal

The vacation booking in Portugal is expected to hit the roof this year. And you could be missing out on a motorcycle ride that is also a UNESCO Heritage Site. The route is called N222. It stretches from Porto to the eastern corner of the country. You can begin inland from the Castelo de Paiva that leads east onto the N222. The route follows river banks in a sweeping topography. It eventually leads to vineyards and stone walls. Midway on to the course, it twists and turns to face the Douro River. The views are completely opposite when riding in reverse.

The Trolls Ladder, Arctic

This route takes us to the northern hemisphere, closer to Romania. The Trollstigen or the Trolls ladder is found in the Rauma region. It is equidistant from the Bergen and Trondheim regions. The trail consists of extreme tarmac stretches that mimic the hissing movements of a snake. Sharp mountains on both sides, this route is not for the faint-hearted. The road does not take long, especially if you reach the mountain top. Have a quick lunch at the peak and capture a few selfies. You will not find a more view-mesmerizing route anywhere else. Be sure to check your brake fluids before taming this trail!

Khardung La Pass, Asia

You want to finish high? Take a route at the highest travel-worthy road in the world in the Himalayan Range. The air will be thin, the oxygen content may be low, but the views are top-notch. The route begins at Tsati. This is the northern tip of the trail and ends at the southern tip called Leh. It varies between smooth tarmac and rough travel. Reaching the trail’s tip takes time, but if you and your motorcycle can fight the altitude, hats off to you! Remember to check bike suspension and fuel injection before taking on this bull.

Lewis and Clark Trail, United States of America

Thomas Jefferson assigned Meriwether Lewis to assess the lay of the Missouri River. But he could not fathom he would discover one of the most desired routes by bikers in the world. The trail starts at Missoula with US12 forests on the west. The beginning of this course is filled with steep curves of the Clearwater River and Walla Walla River.

The track is very well tarmacked, given its place in valleys of tall trees and deep greenery. It covers the mountains of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Sometimes hot springs flow along the sides of the road. The downside includes no cell services and deer and mountain goats crossing the path. Keep an eye out for furry animals.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

You would notice that most of the traditional biking routes are surrounded by high mountains and river streams. This trail is the complete opposite. Yet just as eye-captivating with its views. The Wild Atlantic Way is paved along the Irish coastline. It begins at Londonderry and ends at Kinsale. This is approximately 2500 kilometers in length. The entire trail takes two weeks to travel. This is without considering the unpredictable, global-warming-stricken Irish weather. You will experience greenery alongside the whole route, with its division into six regions.

Route Napoleon, France

The name gives it away. Napoleon Bonaparte used this trail on his six-day march to reach Grenoble. The conqueror led a fleet of loyal soldiers through the terrain. This was commemorative of his exile Elba and would continue to use the trail to march towards Paris. He intended to resume his duties, but a second exile at Waterloo ruined his plans.

The Route Napoleon was officially named in 1932 and is considered a significant contribution by the historical leader. The trail will take you through the Maritime Alps, Haute Alps, and the Isere topography. It is a combination of peaks, mountain passes, and plains that will indeed have you reflect on nature.

The Swartberg Pass, South Africa

You will find this gem of a trail in Little Karoo in the Western Cape peninsula. It is 28 kilometers long. Appearances can be deceiving. The distance may be short, but it is packed with adventure at every turn. The construction of the route was undertaken by Thomas Bain in the late 1880s. So, you could say it carries some historical importance as well. This trail is for the adventurers out there as it is mainly a dirt road. Small well-constructed bits help maintain maneuvering through the steepness. The course will ravish you with deep plunging views to the gorge views of Malvadraai.

Any thoughts on the world's best motorcycle adventure routes? Leave your comments below.


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