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5 Best Motorcycle Adventure Tours in Spain

The tours in Spain are jam-packed with exotic locations, fortresses, and a tangled network of mountainous roads. However, a motorcycle tour in northern Spain takes the cake. Immerse yourself in the mountains of Andalucía or the plains of Santiago de Compostela. The following routes will revive the tourist in you and will surely leave you jaw-dropped.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you with Spain's 5 best motorcycle adventure tours:

1. Sierras of Andalucía


The tour begins with the participants picked from their hotels or airport. The tour starts from Coin, where bikes are allocated. It begins in the late afternoon towards the beautiful coast to hills in the evening.

The destination is a rural hotel in Sierra Nevada. As the tour continues through the motorcycle ride in Almeria, Day Two is a stay filled with captivating sceneries of the Mediterranean Sea. The tour continues north with national parks and high peaks in the Sierra range. Day two also passes through the film studio. It is famous for filming western movies.

The majority of this tour follows coasts and hillside topography. It also runs along the Cabo de Gata national park. Day Three begins with the rude alongside the Cazorla Park and some of the best views Andalucía Mountains have to offer. The tour concludes with the drop-off point at Coin.

2. Northern Spain


If you are seeking an escape from busy city life, this tour is for you. It is filled with greenery and the rural beauty of Northern Spain. The tour begins with Santiago de Compostela.

This Galician city is known for its hillside beauty and coasts filled with seafood richness and delicious aquatic cuisine. The motorcycle tour will have you traveling in Cantabria, Basque Country, and Asturias provinces. You will experience the rugged topography of the Pico de Europa Mountains. The riders are accommodated in antique hotels at the end of the day.

This helps them enjoy the vacation and rest. Every scenery is more beautiful than the previous with a celebration of local cuisine, social interactions, and unlimited memories. La Coruna is another part of this tourist tour. The tour finishes with breakfast in Santiago before your airport drop-off.

3. Heavenly Silver Route


This tour is for history enthusiasts. The route is in between the mountains and plains that unite southern and northern Spain. The trail was initially discovered by Romans who intended to invade the Iberian Peninsula.

This router birthed the value of roads that spread through the entire territory. This was later called the Silver Router. The tour begins with enjoying historical cities with mountainous sceneries and delicious food. The tour begins with a relaxing first day where the complete details are discussed upon dinner.

The tour officially begins after breakfast the next day. Most of the day is spent cruising through olive groves that lead to Jaen. The stay is at an Arab castle that dates back to the thirteenth century. On the third day, the participants are taken to the natural park before a relaxing lunch. The ride continues north alongside a network of reservoirs and the eventual stay at Guadalupe.

4. The treasures of Andalucía

Remains of the Arab castle in Lanjarón_800x534

Andalucía is filled with twisted mountainous routers and roads. Don’t forget the valleys that run alongside them. Most roads are deserted but in excellent condition. You would feel free riding in the open air with the cascading terrain view in front of you. Andalucía bears sunshine throughout the year. Not to mention the residents are very welcoming to tourists.

The variety of food is endless during this tour. The tour also includes the famous road to Ronda, which is the historical Seville center. The tour begins with a relaxing first day. You can socialize with the tour participants regarding the tour activities. The second day is en route to Ronda, where, after a relaxing lunch, you can explore the surroundings in the afternoon. The tour then continues to the Zahara de la Sierra the next day and onto the Grazalema Natural Park.

5. Majestic Andalucía

Parador hotel and citadel perched on El Tajo gorge_malaga_province_andalucia_spain_by_motorcycle_800x480

No doubt Andalucía is the destination for motorcycle tours. The diversity in food is a plus, and the vinery is salivating. The daily sun shines upon the mountains’ curves to display their imperfections perfectly. At the same time, the white valleys add to the beauty of the ride. The first day is relaxing. The festivities do not start until dinner time, so you have ample time to roam and meet fellow tourists.

The tour begins on the second day after breakfast. The ride is alongside the Malaga coast that leads to the mountains. The lunch is taken at the beach, and then the rides continue to the Sierras de Tejeda mountains. The next day begins with the ride to the northeast mountains of Sierra Nevada.

The day concludes with a walk over the Roman Bridge before a delicious dinner. The tour is wrapped with breath-taking sceneries and historical sites that will indeed teach you more about the topography.

Any thoughts on the best biking routes in Spain? Leave your comments below.


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