Best 5 motorcycles with seat height between 680mm and 689mm.

We all have heard that "bigger is better," but in many cases, that is not true; one of those cases is in bikes. People are unique, they are of different heights, and there are many people who cannot ride a bike that is made for a 6'0" person, so making bikes for people who are around the height range of 5'0 till 5'8" is something that many motorcycle manufacturing companies have surely done.

This height range fits well with motorbikes that are in the range of 680mm to 689mm. So, if you are someone who is of this height range and is looking for motorbikes that are in the 680mm-689mm, then you came to the right place.

We, at Siima MotoWear have compiled the following:

1. Honda’s Rebel 300 (Seat Height: 689 mm)

Honda’s Rebel 300 has always won the hearts of the general public mainly because it has always

been light, fun while riding, has the low height for sitting, not to forget the high build quality of Honda. All of these are in the Honda Rebel 300, with a seat height of 689 mm; the motorcycle is a fresh take for people who want it in that range. Honda Rebel 300 knows when to pick it up when roads are all clear. The Rebel 300 is built with a single-cylinder engine of 286cc alongside a super-friendly assist clutch.

For people who are keen on customization, it has a black canvas as well, and Honda is known for its accessories, i.e., having anti-lock brakes is a good example of Honda Rebel 300's accessories. The bike also comes in two colors, matte gray metallic, and pearl blue.

2. Honda Rebel 500 (Seat Height: 689 mm)

Honda Rebel 500 is no conventional motorcycle; it breaks boundaries in style and performance, ultimately escaping the field of normality. The reason the motorbike breaks boundaries is because it has a twin-cylinder engine of 471cc as well as immense user-friendly power. Aside from having a full black look, being lightweight and extremely cool looking, it has a low seat of 689 mm, which ensures it is suitable for all heights.

Aside from that, Honda Rebel 500 has an assist clutch to ensure the rides are smooth and enjoyable. Honda Rebel 500, unlike cruiser-class motorbikes, can easily kick up fast. An anti-lock brake can also be installed in it as an option. It also comes in two colors; they are matte pearl white and matte gray metallic.

3. Kawasaki Vulcan 900 (Seat Height: 680 mm)

Kawasaki Vulcan has all the style and grit that a motorbike needs these days. The Vulcan 900 is

powered with a 900cc V-twin which gives it a unique attitude among its competitors. Vulcan 900 breathes individuality due to its detailed paint job along with its intense exhaust. Aside from being built by hands and being a premium fit, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 has a seat height of 680 mm, which is perfect for women and men who are around the height range of 5'0" till 5'8'.

Any kind of a road is a piece of cake for the Vulcan 900 due to the V-twin power it processes. Aside from being powerful, it is also quite comfortable for long rides.

4. Yamaha Bolt (Seat Height: 689 mm)

Yamaha Bolt is a perfect fusion of modernity and conventionality as it has a classic bobber design alongside a torque-driven V-Twin. Since it has a classic look, the 942cc, air-cooling V-Twin can easily be shown as a sort of a heart of the motorcycle—giving it a cool look. It has a high-tech engine that is torque-driven.

The motorcycle is also quite lightweight, and because of its low seat height of 689 mm, it is suitable for the majority of people having different heights. Along with powerful braking and advanced suspension, it has a huge fuel tank of 3.4 gallons ready to take you to far-off places for an adventure.

5. Yamaha V Star 250 (Seat Height: 685 mm)

This motorcycle is lightweight, showcases smooth and strong power, and has a low seat height which makes it a must-have motorcycle. It has a 249cc, air cooling, 60-degree V-twin with 4 valves. Has a seat height of 685 mm and a stylish look. The motorbike has an ultra-efficient engine as it can run for 200 miles in between fill-ups. It has strong brakes and a plush suspension.

Aside from all the inner features, it has a big bike look due to all the chrome details. Yamaha V Star is also made in a way that will give comfortability to the rider a priority. It has a fuel tank range of 2.5 gallons, which is a lot and can take you far and wide.

Any thoughts on motorcycles with seat height between 680mm and 689mm? Leave your comments below.

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