Easy methods to Safely Ride Your Motorcycle At Night

Riding a motorcycle is really a challenging experience that we all understand. Add in the darkness of night, and the challenge hits another level. Fortunately we at Siima MotoWear have done some researcher and came up a few useful tips and tricks that will keep you safe while you ride in the dark.

Proper Lighting

One obvious tip is that you need to make sure all lights on your motorcycle are working properly and that you've got enough lighting to help make you visible to other motorists. Having dim lights will significantly decrease the ability of others to look at you thus increasing the amount of danger that you face while riding. A main difference that you will notice between a candle lit light and a bright light, is that you simply can't see as far or as clearly when your lights aren't as bright as they could be.

motorcycle headlights

It is a good practise to add headlights on your bike. Motorcycle manufacturers will only place headlights so they can be legally covered according to the specifications given. Placing additional headlights can only have a positive impact on making you visible on the road, thus significantly dereasing the likelyhood of an accident. Plus your bike looks even more beautiful.

Before you ride your motorcycle at night, perform a pre-ride inspection to ensure that the headlight, signal lights, running lights, and brake lighting is all properly working. Replace any lights that are no longer working.

Give Yourself Extra Room

Remember that whatever you do, you will never ever have the day's visibility at night. You simply cannot see as far and others will have less time respond to any hazards that might come up. This is why it crucial that you provide yourself extra time to react by spacing yourself far away from other vehicles.

motorcycle rider in the street

Position you a little farther away against the center dividing lines so you avoid any danger from oncoming number of vehicles. During the day you can spot any potential risks much further down the road, but at night you cannot because of the glaring light from oncoming traffic along with the unknown hidden dangers of the darkness.

motorcycle riders jackets

Reduce Your Speed

High speed and dangerous riding conditions in the dark, is never a good combination and must be avoided at all costs. Sometimes this means arriving at your destination minutes later than you initially calculated. You might even arrive late, but at least you'll arrive safe.

motorbike rider speeding

Riding fast during the day significantly reduces the rider's reflexes in case soemthing goes wrong. Imagine how low your reflexes are when you do that at night. Reducing your speed will give more time in order to identify potentially hazardous situations making it possible to safely avoid them.

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