Is Motorcycle Riding A Sport?

We all know a person in our family or friends circle that is against motorcycle riding and does not appreciate those who ride it even for normal use or sports use. If you have taken all the safety measurements, motorcycle riding sports can be enjoyed as all other sports. It is healthy and low impact exercise that enhances your body's co-ordination skills and help you enjoy the surrounding in a better way. Motorcycle sports have a positive benefit. It is one of the most famous sports that a lot of people watch and enjoy.


Riding motorcycle is a healthy activity:

According to recent researches, some, naturopathic doctors suggest motorcycle riding rather than just declaring them as a dangerous sport and never try it once. It has many health outcomes. Your knee and thigh muscles strengthen up. It is observed that many bikers have a low ratio of knee joint problems in late life. It also enhances strength in your abdominal and hand muscles when you grip your bike or steer it slowly.

It is a complete body low-impact exercise. It increases your insulin level and enhances weight loss keeping you fit and healthy. Motorcycle ride strengthens your neck muscles, it is as useful as a visit to chiropractor. The key to a better bike experience is having well-adjusted pads and a seat; otherwise, it can cause back pain. Motorcycle ride boosts some endogenous hormones that improve your outlook and results in a better mood.

Beginning of motorcycle Racing:

Motorcycle sports and racing began in America in the early years of the previous century. A federation of American motorcyclists was formed in New York. Afterwards, this society transformed into the American motorcycle association. There is a famous Daytona race that covers a track of 320 km. Grand Prox racing started after the World war, many people have come and enjoyed it up till now. The Belgian motorcycle Grand Prix started in 1921, and the Germans Grand Prix dates from 1925.

As you know, there are lots of forms of automobile racing. Same goes for motorcycle sports racing. It includes hill climbs, drag racing, ice racing, road racing, trials, and speedway.

Road races are mostly planned on closed closure, or it can be a part of the public, but it should be well maintained and designed to grip heavy engine motorcycles. There is a road racing association that has divided this sport according to bike engines, either it is 150 cubic cm, 200 cubic cm, or 600 cubic cm.


Motorcycle race organizing committees:

Many organization and societies in America organize motorcycle racing these days. These include the American Motorcycle Association. It is the most basic association formed in 1924. It plans all kind of racing, having different bike styles and different rules and regulation. AMA also co-ordinates with many other organizations to plan a different and more thrilling race. It has its own licensing and schedules.

WERA motorcycle association is also one of the eldest corporations to run a motorcycle race across the United States. It also has motorcycle schools and teaching centres that teach bike riding on any kind of bike you have. The American Sports bike Racing Association is also a unique company to organize bike racing. It was formed after WERA.

Different motorcycle races:

The motor cross is a type of race having a specific number of laps and rounds to complete in a specific time. The motor cross race was started in Great Britain and European countries. The first regular motor cross in America was held in the 1970s.

Many Americans were fascinated to take part in it. Stunt racing on off-road motorcycles on rough dirt tracks is now a famous sport in America and is growing fast. It is fueled by the formation of new dirt bike trails. More races are organized, attracting many American bikers to take part in it. The outstanding jumps and freestyling on a motorcycle are famous around the globe.

Drag Racing is also a well-known American sport that was started in the 1950s. This type of race consists of acceleration or high speed between two racers on a smooth track which is around a quarter-mile long. It is a famous street sport these days.

In 1930 Ice racing in Scandinavia was started and now it is held in another part of the world. It takes place on a frozen lake or in a stadium covered in a thick layer of ice. The bikes have spiked tires. Motorcycle hill climb races are a type of race in which one rider attempts to climb a hill to win it in a specific shortest time.

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