5 Cooking Tips for Overland Motorcycle Travellers

If you will go on an overland journey by motorcycle, you need to expect that you will have to cook your meals by yourself. This will help you organize your budget and avoid eating on iguana steaks in the exotic lands and sheep testicles.

Prior to this, always remember that cooking on the road is inevitable.

Nevertheless, be prepared that things will never be easy, particularly in some remote regions. The food is often scarce. And because you are riding on a motorcycle, there won’t be any space and there is also no mini-fridge. Still, nutrition is essential as ever. Of course, you would still want to feel focused and energized while you’re riding.

We, at Siima MotoWear, have done some adventurous research and we present you with 5 cooking tips that overland motorcycle travelers could follow in the adventure of their life:

Cook on a Campfire Through the Use of Fry Pans and Sauce Pans. The very first cooking tip that you have to consider is in cooking on a campfire using a fry pan and saucepans. This way, you will be able to prepare for the foods. This will eliminate the need for more gears that you still have to carry. Nevertheless, remember that this will never provide you with the ease and convenience of a camp stove. This is also especially if things like heavy rain, storm weather come up.

Gathering a dry wood and keeping a fire going while it is raining is not something that anyone will like to deal with. In the event that you do not want to depend mainly on a campfire, you must have a fuel form. Take note that there is nothing that is more easy and convenient than gas. In remote areas, gas will always not be available.

Get a gas cylinder. This is convenient and easy to use, lights up and heats up easily. You will also have a complete control over the flame and its strength.

Consider Using a Multi-Fuel Stove or Trangia Stove.

In addition to the cooking tips that you need to keep in mind include using a multi-fuel stove. This actually operates on unleaded petrol, gas, diesel and kerosene and white spirit. While this may be considered to be really efficient, this stove could actually be a little noisy. This may sound exactly like a little jet that will about to get going.

If you will make use of a liquid fuel, it is suggested to use the white spirit. The unleaded petrol is also the least one preferred. In connection with this, a Trangia stove is another great option for you to consider as this is easy to use, durable and lightweight. The packaged stove such as the pots is not bigger than the standard camp cooking pot. Due to this very reason, the Trangia has just become popular among others.

Make Use of Jetboil Models. In the event that the meals you will have to prepare only need hot water to heat, it is best to make use of Jetboil models. They actually feature a billycan or neoprene-insulated pot, burner adjustment valve, burner. Through these specifications and features, the water could boil easily. This will only be in less than 2 and half minutes.

Consider Using MSR Pocket Rocket. To the expert overland motorcycle travelers, an MSR pocket rocket is essential to use when cooking. This weighs eighty-five grams and this exactly folds down to fit perfectly in your hand. This is actually connected to a gas canister and this is indeed a popular cooking tool.

Prepare for Own Recipes that Makes Cooking Easy and Fast. Preparing for your own recipes before going on overland is a good idea. This will help make cooking easy and fast. Since you already have packed the right ingredients, you could just then mix them up and now, it’s good to go.

You will master the overland motorcycle traveling culture if you follow all these 5 cooking tips. For sure, there will be no room for unhappiness along the way because there’s food to feed on your tummy! Consider all these in mind and feel lucky enough because you have all these cooking tips in mind!

Any thoughts or comments on the subject? Leave them below.

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