Installing A Motorcycle Trailer Hitch

It isn't just big trucks and cars that haul utility trailers, recreational trailers, or other cargo. Motorcycle riders can easily have a motorcycle trailer hitch installed and haul several hundred pounds of different stuff.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research on the subject and came up with a few useful guilines when installing a motorcycle trailer hitch on your motorcycle.

motorcycle towing a trailer

Most motorcycle hitches could be attached to your motorcycle without making any changes on the motorcycle. It is a perfect addition if you've planned a long distance trip that might require more supplies.

There are also special trailers that are intended specifically for motorcycles. Presently, there are specific hitches for a variety of types of motorcycles. It is very important to choose wisely which one you will buy. Above all, you need to ensure it fits properly on your bike, so you are towing safely. It's also very vital to ensure that the hitch is correctly installed and maintained on the motorcycle.

Besides ensuring the ball hitch is correctly installed you will need to cross a pair of chains underneath the tongue. Be sure the chains aren't too long so the tongue will reach the spine tire. Don't use cheap spring connecters on top of the chain.

It is a good practise to have two chains. In fact, in many states you must by law have two chains when you are pulling a trailer.

The maximum weight for getting a motorcycle hitch is 500 pounds. When installing a trailer hitch remember that is all about safety first. Therefore, proper installation is essential since you have a one hundred per cent responsibility in case of an accident.

Here is a few things to remember when installing a hitch:

1. Safety should always come first.

2. Attach the safety chains properly. If possible, use two safety chains for maximum safety.

3. Keep you cargo load within the predefined limit so you avoid any unfortunate accidents.

4. Be certain your trailer wiring harness is genuine.

5. Make sure that all sections of your hitch are correctly installed.

6. Practice towing your load before heading out on a long trip.

7. Check that your brakes are properly installed and operating correctly.

8. Look at the tire pressure on your motorcycle. Make sure they have the right amount of air as instructed by the motorcycle manufacturer.

9. Make sure the cargo weight is evenly distributed on the cargo. In case the cargo is not full then you should place the weight as close to your bike as possible. In this way you will have maximum control of the cargo.

10. Ensure you have your mirrors correctly adjusted to avoid any blind spots.

scooter towing a trailer

Now having that said, have in mind that a motorcycle trailer is different than a motorcycle cargo trailer. We latter is to carry cargo with a motorcycle whereas the first one is to carry a motorcycle with another vehicle. Do not use the motorcycle trailer as a cargo trailer.

A motorcycle trailer is specifically and solely made to transport your motorcycle. It is attached to the vehicle using a standard ball hitch is excellent for hauling your motorcycle over long distances or hauling a non operational motorcycle. But do not attempt to use it as a cargo trailer.

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