Pros & Cons of Lane Filtering: A Quick Look

Do you want to know what lane filtering is? Is lane filtering legal all over the world? Well many of us are not aware from the concept of lane filtering and its status in various countries! Before commencing the article with its full flow, it is really important to know what exactly Lane Filtering is and is it legal to lane filter in different countries. And if so, then why!


Lane filtering or white lining allows the riders to save their precious time by bypassing the stopped vehicles in a congested traffic situation. Being also called Stripe-riding, a motorcycle simply travels in the same direction as the traffic in between the lanes of the other slowly moving vehicles. Preventing you from waiting around in the hot sun behind the stationary vehicles in jammed traffic, Lane filtering is a blessing.

Lane filtering is legal in a lot of different countries whilst some, it is not a legal practice. As everything comes with some problems along with a great many benefits, the same gets applied to the Lane filtering too.


In some countries like most of the United States, Lane filtering is not a legal practice, and hence, you cannot override a stopped or slow-moving vehicle in a traffic jam situation. A lot of people have called this Lane filtering another push to let the motor-cyclists ride while others are of opinion that lane splitting can be a dangerous move for the motorcyclists especially as they overtake the vehicles which are not expecting anyone to bypass or overtake them in a jammed situation and hence, crashes can be a big outcome of this very Lane splitting.


Saving your time is one thing the Lane splitting rule has to offer! In this world of hustle, time-saving is very crucial and you will see in most of Asia and Europe, that people overtake and bypass vehicles, practicing Lane splitting. Reducing the congestion helps in a lot of ways than it is dangerous.


Now that we know what lane splitting is, and what perks it offers, or what is the fallback of this rule, everyone can decide for themselves whether if it is something they should do! Likewise, In several countries, Lane Splitting is being made legal and is a very common practice. While in some countries, this very same practice is not allowed to be practiced. We are going to mention some of the popular countries along with their status of lane filtering. So without further ado, let us move on to that bit!


Speaking of beautiful Europe, Lane filtering is a popular practice and you will see most of the motorcyclists practicing Lane splitting to save their time. Although, Germany is the only country in the whole of Europe, which restricts the usage of lane filtering only when there is a bad traffic jam or where the traffic is at a standstill. However being dangerous, motorcyclists usually also lane split at a high rate of speed.

Hence, Lane filtering is very much legal in Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Ireland, Singapore, etc. However, being safe is totally up to the rider who is overtaking the other vehicle with care.

As far as Asia is concerned, Lane splitting is again very much legal and is being practiced here without any hurdles.


Starting from the United States, the country is of opinion that you better be stuck in traffic than overtake vehicles to save your time. In Most of the United States, Lane filtering is not a preferable practice and is not legal. However, if it comes in popularity, lane filtering is very much popular even in the United States.

However, Only California until now has passed these laws to make Lane Filtering legal.

Talking about Japan, it is another country where lane filtering is illegal and you cannot practice it there at all! The ratio is forty-nine out of fifty states.


Coming to an end, we got to know almost every aspect of why and why not lane filtering is good and should be practiced. It is a bit hard part where it can be decided of this practice to be good or not. This is the reason, in several parts of the world, it is not just okay but is considered beneficial to overtake a slow-moving vehicle to avoid congestion and lane split.

While in others, it is not considered to be safe and being a reason for a lot of recently happening crashes of motorcyclists with big cars, it is forbidden. The third case is in some areas of the world, lane splitting is illegal but still is being practiced in the very country by its citizens.

Any thought on lane filtering pros and cons? Leave your comments below.

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