How to Replace Motorcycle Grips

Riders can easily be bored by the look, design and feel of their motorcycle parts and gears. New look excites folks. It also gives them confront hype. This is the main reason why they keep on changing them from time to time.

Most riders know how to fix their bikes. Some are advance in doing so and some others just know the basics. Changing tires, chain, filter, washing and waxing are just a few of the skills riders' have when it comes to maintaining their bikes.

We, at Siima MotoWear will guide you throught he process of changing your motorcycle grips easily and hassle free.

Changing your motorcycle grips is a relatively easy task. It only involves a few steps and here they are:

1. Ready your new grips, rubbing alcohol, hammer, socket and WD-40.

2. Remove the bar end. Be careful with its head and threads. If they are already damaged, better replace them.

3. Pull the end of the grip and spray on the WD-40 to loosen the contact. You may also remove the grips by twisting and folding its inner fringe. Remember where the original location was.

4. After your grip has been pulled, clean the handle with rubbing alcohol. Ensure that you do remove the glue with the Clip-on. Also, lubricate the Clip-on with rubbing alcohol and slide the new grip. While sliding it, do some twisting styles. Do this while the alcohol is not evaporated, otherwise it's going to be harder to twist the grip on the handle bar.

You may also use oil instead of alcohol but make sure the grip's material will not get damaged by the oil.

5.To tap the new grip into position, use hammer and socket. Make sure that it fits well and will not impair the bike's working. To test it, roll the throttle to full-on and then let it snap back. You can utilize its tightness according to your needs.

Finally, get ready to experience your bike's new look and new grip!

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