Should I Buy Aftermarket Parts For My Motorcycle? Pros And Cons

If you own a motorcycle then deciding in between the aftermarket parts and the OEM parts can be a daunting task especially if you have to file a car insurance claim. There’s just so much working that you have to do before making a final decision but first, you need to know the difference between OEM parts and aftermarket parts.

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are those parts that have been passed through several hands before reaching your vehicle. It’s as simple as it can be an aftermarket part is not manufactured by the original manufacturer. These parts are basically manufactured by some other company that first has to apply for the legal rights so that they can produce that part that too within some strict guidelines. Moreover, the aftermarket parts are supposed to be extremely precise in design and they have to meet the certain criteria written in the legal rights that are given to them.

What Are OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer; an OEM part is manufactured by the same company that originally made that part in the first place. Most of the times the auto manufacturers give the contract or job of producing the parts to some other company and they don’t like to do it on their own.

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Why The Difference Matters?

A lot of people out there have this question that does it really matter that who manufactures the parts? Well, honestly it does make a big difference and now we are going to tell you how. You see, first of all the aftermarket parts are less costly than the OEM parts and this is a big benefit for a lot of people. People think that a product that is cheap in price will be cheap in quality too and well, this was the case with aftermarket parts several years ago. Now, things have changed and aftermarket parts have improved a lot in quality. In fact, now the aftermarket parts are of the same and sometimes even more in quality than the OEM parts. It mainly depends on what part is being manufactured and which company is manufacturing it.

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Pros Of Aftermarket Parts

These are some of the main benefits you get with the aftermarket parts;

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The Cost: As said earlier, the aftermarket parts are cheap in price when compared to the OEM parts and this is a big advantage for a lot of motorcycle owners out there. In fact, there are high chances that the only reason you are reading this article is to know about the cost of both these types and if that’s the case then it is but very obvious that you must opt for the aftermarket parts.

Availability of Options: Think about it, the lesser the options are, the higher the price will be. In case of OEM parts you can only have one choice with the manufacturer but when it comes to the aftermarket parts, well, you’ve got several options to choose from and that too in a reasonable price. Like, what else would you want? You have options in here and the price is comparatively cheaper. Another reason why you should opt for the aftermarket parts is that they are easily available at your local store near you but if you are opting for the OEM parts then you’ve got to go to the original dealer’s shop which is no doubt a hectic task.

Better Quality: If you are choosing the right company for your aftermarket parts then there are chances that you will land on a part that is higher in quality than an OEM part.

Cons Of Aftermarket Parts

Just like the advantages, there are some downsides too;

Warranty Issues: Aftermarket parts usually don’t come with any warranty but in case of an OEM part, you always get a warranty of at least one year.

Poor Quality: It’s not that we are trying to confuse you but honestly there are two sided of the story when it comes to the quality of an aftermarket part. It all falls back to the company you are opting for, if the company is good enough to manufacture a high quality aftermarket part then yes, you can definitely go for it but then again, there is no assurity of the quality in this case and you’ll only know about it as the time passes.

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Overall Verdict

If you are really looking for suggestions on whether you should buy an aftermarket part or