Top 7 Motorcycle Adventure (And Not) YouTube Channels

If you are just being introduced to this world or are looking for the Top YouTube Channels regarding Motorcycle Adventures, then this article is specifically for you. We have encapsulated a list of all the famous YouTubers that identify as Motorcycle adventurers. (This list is based on the number of subscribers and views)

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A combination of randomness, humor and good quality content, Walterrific is the most subscribed channel on this list with 962 thousand subscribers and deserves the no.1 spot. His channel in itself is an adventure, as you never know what he will be uploading.

He has amassed millions of views and is highly entertaining. If you are looking for funny and adventurous content, then head over to his channel right now.

Royal Jordanian

A signature of Royal Jordanian is his lack of commentary during his videos, but despite this, his videos are still incredibly interesting and informational.

He has an impressive list of rides, e.g., Husqvarna Nuda 900R, KTM Super Duke 1290R, etc. His fans adore him for his spontaneous and random deeds of goodness along with his nerve-wracking interactions with people from the police that are armed and revving competitions with cars that have been modified.

He stands high on the list with 684 thousand amazing number of subscribers.


Ken Snyder is the real persona of RNickeyMouse. He is a popular adventurer that has amassed a great following in the biker community due to his various attempts upon the “Mulholland Highway.”

Perhaps some of his most famous videos include his accidental crashes, which give viewers an insight into the kind of mistakes they should not make. Ken is an incredibly humble creator that loves what he does. His Kawasaki Ninja 250 is adored by fans. Due to all of this, he has been able to amass over 312 thousand subscribers.

If you are looking for mind-blowing rides, terrible crashes and nifty tricks then head over to his channel right now.

Baron Von Grumble

He is often compared to Banksy due to his secrecy about his real name and hiding his face for quite some time. He did a face reveal video in 2016, which garnered a lot of attention.

He became famous for his hilarious and sassy one-liners. He has amassed a great fan base over the years and is at a mark of 235 thousand subscribers. He focuses a lot on reviews of bikes, coverage of various bike-related events and adventurous trips throughout Europe.

One of his most famous videos includes him riding on his bike through 14 different countries in just under 24 hours. He has several amazing rides, one of which is his favorite, BMW GS Adventure.

Adjrian Nickelodeon

This Australian creator has a channel that is a perfect blend of nail-biting adventure and humorous interludes that have you laughing-crying.

He is incredibly focused on having a good time and creating good content. His most famous videos include confrontation and call-outs especially to the driver that use their cell phones when driving. These videos have gained him thousands of views.

He drives the sweetest sounding Crossplane Yamaha R1, and his videos are surely the most exciting and prove how much he enjoys his life and what he does. He has managed to possess 185 thousand subscribers and is only gaining more.

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Roadcraft Nottingham

This channel isn’t as extravagant as most of the other channels on this list, but they still have amazing videos regarding knowledgeable advice and tips about riding, reviews about various bikes, funny bloopers. One of their most famous videos is about a rider experiencing a crash on a real-life video during a lesson, despite its unconventionality; it is an incredibly informational video.

This channel is headed by Roadcraft School of Motorcycling. They are motorcycle instructors that have received several awards. Their channel is an incredible combination of amusing and thrilling entertainment as well as a deep love and excitement about bikes.

They are a relatively smaller channel with 62.5 thousand subscribers.

Motorcycle Dreams

With well-done reviews of the latest and the greatest bikes of all time, The Motorcycles Dreams are a channel that is loved by a lot of the bike-lovers. What set this channel apart from others are its detailed descriptions, high-quality images and HD shots of the bike they are reviewing. In addition to all of this, they have special videos about building different bikes which are incredibly popular, e.g. their latest video in this category was a customization video of the latest Yamaha XSR900

If you’re looking for the newest bikes and the way they work then this channel is for you, especially since some of the promotional videos of the latest bikes get released on this channel before any other. With 54 thousand subscribers, this channel is worth checking out.

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