(Videos) Top 5 All-Weather Motorcycle Adventure Tents

A tent is highly needed when you are going on a motorcycle trip. After careful consideration and looking at numerous tents, 5 of the top adventure tents for motorcyclists have been chosen. The aspects such as removable fly covers, freestanding, etc., have all been taken into consideration, especially the tents that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. All these tents are quite lightweight, weighing only about 2.5 kg max.

Some of the tents are for two people; the reason two people tents are chosen is that firstly there will be more room for luggage if you are traveling alone and if you do happen to find another traveler, you can share the tent with them, or any other possibility can be there where two people tents might be needed. You do not want to feel claustrophobic with a one-man tent.

So, without further ado, lets have an overview of the top five all weather motorcycle adventure tents:

1. MSR’s Hubba HubbaNx 2-Person Motorcycle Tent:

MSR is considered to be a high-quality motorcycle tent maker, and Hubba Hubba NX is the flagship tent of this brand. These are its following features:

· It is light.

· It is freestanding.

· It can be used in all weathers.

It is perfect for backpacking as well as mountaineering; therefore, just to fit these two functionalities, it is designed to be compact and lightweight. Since it is a dome-shaped tent, it is quite roomy and spacious.

Since it is freestanding, it does not need to be pegged in order to be erected. Therefore, it can be used to camp everywhere, in sand, snow, or deserts. Another thing that the Hubba Hubba tent has is that it has a removable flysheet. You can enjoy the view of the night sky during camping in the tent and remove the mesh on top to gaze at the celestial bodies in absolute awe.

2. Terra Nova’s VoyagerMotorcycle Tent:

Quality tents have been produced by Voyager ever since the 1980s. Voyager is the flagship tent of Terra Nova. These are its following features:

· It is freestanding.

· It can be used in all seasons.

· All-weather adaptability.

It can be used anywhere, and it can be used without using the flysheet also. It is an all-weather, accustomed to all the four seasons kind of tent. It is coated with a silicon nylon fabric and is completely seam-sealed, which helps it be durable. This is one tough tent and a must-have for motorcycle adventurists.

3. Vango’s Nevis 200 Motorcycle Tent:

This is Vango’s compact, lightweight, and just a really functional motorcycle tent. The main features are the following:

· Tunnel-shaped.

· Easy and fast set up.

· Economical.

It is fastened by using guy lines, and one pole is set in the middle for it. It is not a freestanding one; it needs to be pegged, so a flysheet is needed for it. The reason it is on the list is that it is economical in price and does the job as a motorcycle tent, it is cheap, lightweight, easy to use and for extreme emergencies, in case you have to spend a night to camp somewhere on your trip.

4. Vaude’s Low Chapel L Motorcycle Tent:

Vaude is a huge outdoor sports company in Europe. Numerous tents are produced by the company, and Low Chapel L is their best model. It has the following features:

· It has an exoskeleton style.

· It is super-fast to set up.

It is quite fancy; in this tent, the pole is on the outside, which means that it can be set up super fast. There are no sleeves or loops to pass through the poles. You just have to put the tent down, and over the top, you have to lay the pole and clip it in the specific places.

The great benefit of this one is that it can be set up quite fast, but you won't be able to put the tent without removing the flysheet. This tent has two doors as well, weighs 2.5 kg. It also has good ventilation, is quite spacious, and very easy to set up and take down—making it perfect for motorbike riders who just happen to camp once in a while on their trip.

5. Vango’s Soul 200 2-Person Motorbike Tent:

This tent is an entry-level tent by Vango for casual motorbike riders who do not want to camp many times or for days. It is quite cheap, weighing only 2.17 kg. It is quite easy to put up, and only needs two poles to set up, and can be utilized without needing the flysheet, which is a feature only inexpensive tents. These are its features:

· It is tunnel-shaped.

· It is for all weathers.

· It is budget-friendly.

The soul is a nice alternative for people who do not want to camp too much, need something that is light on the budget, and gives the same functionality as expensive tents, then Soul is that tent for your motorbike adventures.

Any thoughts on the market's best adventure motorcycle tents? Leave your comments below.

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