2 Off & 3 On Road Motorcycle Tires (Video Reviews)

The majority of the bike riders tend to look upon their motorcycles' performance with its engine. It is evident that the engine is essential to consider for motorcycle maintenance, but there are still different things that make sense for the perfect maintenance of the motorcycle.

In our opinion, tires are also an essential part of the motorcycles that have a direct connection with the motorcycle's maintainable and good performance. Like the engine, the low quality of tires could also lead you towards your life's worst riding experience.

Just like you put a lot of hard work to know about the reliability of your motorcycle. It’s also important to look upon the tires of it. There are lots of tires option available for you to select. However, you should be expert enough to purchase the one that can bring real results for your needs.

It takes hours of research to find the best quality-picket motorcycle tires. So, you have to spend your time on research. If you are not willing to do this on yourself, this article will be the right place for you. We know that your presence in this article is co-related to find the best tires for yourself. Therefore, we are providing you the detailed information about it here.

List of 5 Best On-Off Motorcycle Tires

Bridge Stone M403/M404:

Bridge stone is a famous name in the tire industry. There is not a single person who never purchased or used the tires of Bridge stone. The reliable material and elegance class they provide in the tires are un-match able with others.

If we talk about the M403/M4040 range of Bridge stone tires, so it offers a great sense of support to various surfaces, including hard and soil. These tires provide you excellent support on intermediate track conditions.

Check out this cool video review:

Dunlop D952:

If you are the one who tends to do off-roading at weekends, then Dunlop D952 is the best tires you can consider. The technology used by Dunlop on their tires is the top reason they are well-known brands around the world.

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The best thing about this model of Dunlop tires is that it can give you a firm grip on slippy mud and never lose your control. Apart from that, you can also perform off-roading on forests, trails, farmland, moorland, and many other places with these tires. The single category is providing you full-stack support for any category of off-road environment.

Michelin Pilot Road 4:

Michelin is one of the famous brands in the tire industry to cater to street riders' needs. If you own a bike and do riding on it in the streets, then the pilot road 4 category of Michelin tires is the best choice for you.

In the street riding, you have to experience the dry conditions 90% of the time. However, 10% of chances are that you have to face wet surfaces. That’s also when it’s raining or anything else. Therefore, such circumstances can easily cope with the quality Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires.

The tread pattern, durability, affordable rates, and well performance of these tires make it famous among 99% of the riders for its demand.

Check out the tire's specs:

Metzeler M7RR:

Are you the warriors of the road? It means you do over speeding and races on the roads. It’s essential to get the pair of tires that can offer you perfect grip, smoothness, and durability. That’s where the use of Metzeler M7RR is evident in most of the riders.

The tread pattern of these tires is the primary reason our recommendations for M7RR is right for you. It doesn’t depend that you have a sports or normal bike. The thing that you need to understand here is that these tires are offering excellent support for your fast rides.

High-speed riding is not an easy thing, so you need a tire to give you a perfect hold on the road with the grip. Therefore, investment in these pairs of tires is best for you.

Video review:

Metzeler Roadtec 01:

Metzeler is the name of performance and comfort for your motorcycle riding experience. When you are thinking about going to a long route, the Metzeler Roadtec 01 is the perfect pair of tires you should consider.

The support these tires provide for your long-route bikes will help you have a seamless riding experience without hurdles. Although these tires are designed for adventure tours, most people use it on road-biased tours. That’s the reason you can also consider it for your long routine road-biased tours.

Check out the review below:

Another fantastic thing about these tires is that it provides a perfect grip on dry and wet weather conditions. So, you don’t have to worry about anything when you are riding on a long-route and face any circumstances unless you have it.


Continental ContiMotion:

The continental Contimotion offers budget-friendly motorcycle tire options for different reasons. Whether you plan it for a sports bike, adventure bikes, or street riding bikes, the pair of tires can cover all your needs.

The top reason for you to purchase these bikes is because of the affordability it provides. These tires will not offer much quality support as compared to other mentioned tires. However, you can purchase it for both on-off routes at a budget-friendly rate.

Here is the video review:

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