Everything you Need to Know about Riding in Peru

Peru has one of the largest systems of trails interfacing the magnificent sites in Puno, Paracas, Nasca and Cuzco. The place is a genuine treat for motorcycle riders. The trails can’t be reached via motorized cars and offers a great chance to experience the local communities. Motorcycle riding is not new to Peru but new routes are opening in order to offer the motorcycle riders with excellent riding opportunities. Adventure riding in Peru is both exciting and fun.

If you are one of those motorcycle riders who want to experience great

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excitement, adventure riding in Peru gives you a great chance to meet new friends, explore different places, experience their unique culture and taste mouth-watering foods. Peru offers a wide range of adventure tours for people or groups with activities such as motorcycle riding, biking, mountain climbing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, water rafting, fishing, canoeing and a lot more.

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There are lots of company that offers adventure riding tour in Peru that you can choose from. For many people, their passion and interests will verify which adventure tours they want to be part of. It is a completely waste of time and money if you’ll join an adventure tour that you have no interest at all. If you really want to be part of adventure riding in Peru, it is very important that you are physically fit for the riding adventure.

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Being healthy and physically fit is the ultimate key to successful completion and survival of the tour. Otherwise, you would be suffering during your adventure riding in Peru, while other are enjoying. In order for you to make sure that your physically fit, it is highly recommended to consult first your doctor to know the necessary steps to do to make sure that you will have a successful adventure riding in Peru. Apart from adventure riding, there are different adventure trips that you should not miss to try and these are as follows:

  • Rafting

Water rafting is considered as one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in

Peru. Your adrenalin rushes when you down stream and experience the real power of nature. Many tourists and visitors prefer to try white water rafting. This will take 8 hours but you can also try multi-day rafting that includes class 4 and 5 in case you want to challenge yourself.

  • Sand Dunes Activities

dune sands activities in peru

When it comes to sand dunes activities, Ica is the perfect place for you. In the place, you will see a museum that is filled with Ica stones with a collection of 15,000 engraved stones. There is also an oasis that is surrounded by sand dunes. The most favorite activity of tourist is the sand boarding. In addition to this, dune buggy rides are well-liked by many visitors.

  • Visit the Amazon

The Amazon is considered as the ultimate place for fun exploration. You can look

peruvian amazon by motorcycle

out for bugs galore, caiman, monkeys and search for fogs using your torchlight. For teenagers, you can try kayak and zip lines adventures. The Tambopata region has lodges that are set up for families. The Amazon adventure could be an unforgettable experience for you and your children to learn about the environment and the nature.

  • Don’t miss to Explore the Beaches

The far north of Peru has year round warm weather and sunshine. The Mancora beach attracts families from Ecuador and Peru. For those people who want calmer waters, village feel and quieter place, Puntal Sal is the best place for you. Teenagers would surely love kite surfing and the surf. Parents will also enjoy the mouth-watering seafood.

  • Visit Nazca

Your adventure riding in Peru would not be complete without exploring Nazca. If

nasca road best motorcycle adventure in peru

you are a huge fan of Indiano Jones, this place allows you to see the mummified remains with teeth, hair and skulls. Kids would surely love to make their own version of Nazca pots.

  • Explore the Wildlife

The wildlife is not restricted to the jungle. Dolphins, boobies, penguins and sea lions can be spotted on boat trips near Paracas National Park and Lima. Your adventure riding in Peru will bring you closer to hummingbirds, strange dogs, alpacas, llamas, horses, guinea pigs and chickens.

  • Discover the Real Beauty of Lima

Lima is the Peruvian capital. For those people who want to see the beautiful sights

central square in lima peru

in this place, they can have a bus tour to explore the entire city. Your adventure riding in Peru would never be complete without paying a visit to the excellent galleries of Lima.

For those people who want to have a memorable adventure riding experience, Peru is the place to be. Peru is a place that is rich in culture, history and tourists attractions that you would definitely love. Have a memorable adventure riding in Peru today!

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