7 Things Motorcyclists Understand That Car Drivers Don’t

Motorcycle riders are known to be the most hated person in the road. In gridlock, motorcycle riders always go against traffic flow, split lanes and occupy pedestrian crosswalks. On clear roads, they hog fast lanes, clear roads as well as swerve without warning. When they reach toll plazas, they don’t show respect to others. In parking areas, they usually monopolize slots for cars thinking that they are driving four wheels too.

Despite the fact that almost everybody despises them, they always thrive in number. Motorcycle riders are considered to be the most misunderstood people on the road. Having said these things, there are still some things that car drivers don’t understand about motorcyclists.

The world of motorcyclist and riders is different. This means that they have a different perspective in life. To give you an idea, we at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you the seven things motorcyclists understand that car drivers don’t and these include the following:

1. They Make Use of Their Own Body Signals

Apart from hand signals using both of their right and left hands in indicating that

two riders giving high five to each other

they are going to turn to a direction, motorcyclists also make use of their feet and legs to warn others. Included in the use of body signals are the hand signals that serve as warn to fellow motorcycle drivers and as a way to communicate essential information to other drivers. And, they rely on communication and quick-thinking with other drivers to promise safety.

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2. The Nod

the riders nod gesture

When was the last time that you’ve given each other a respectful nod? You may observe that most of the motorcyclists are nodding their head to each other especially those people who are familiar to them. This is actually a brief encounter between acquainted and unacquainted motorcyclists. Motorcyclists understand the importance of spending an amount of time on the roads and also to meet some bikers. They also interact visually by way of driving and they ask something about the choice of personal equipment and bike. Thus, this is something that car drivers don’t understand.

3. Motorcycling Is Safe

Car drivers don’t really understand the fact that a motorcycle is safe since they

motorcycle wheel and a deal to buy a motorcycle

are usually taking this kind of transportation as the most dangerous one. Well, motorcycling can be also safe the same as cars provided that the motorcyclists are aware of the hazards and their need to safely drive this vehicle on the road.

4. Road Positioning

a rider riding a motorcycle and taking a curve in a racing way

As far as motorcyclists are concerned, they can always position their motorcycle at different angles provided that they are going to stay in the right lanes.

5. Checking Blind Spot

It is always essential for motorcyclist to

illustration of a car driver not seeing the blind spot and a motorcyclist is approaching

check their blind spot. This is due to the fact that if someone is in it and you were not able to realize it, you are going to pay for the price and not them.

6. It Is Not Only More About Transporting

Transport is not only a compulsion matter. Motorcyclists are doing this even if they don’t know where to go.