How To Properly Store Your Motorcycle For The Winter

It is inevitable that for one reason or the other, you will have to say goodbye to your trusted steed and lock away your motorcycle for an extended period of time. As winter comes, so does despair and dread that you motorcycle will suffer the worst fate while in storage. It does not have to be that way. If you are equipped with the rights tools and tricks, you can safely put away your motorbike, and have it emerge from storage as good as it ever was. Rust and corrosion do not need to exist in your life.

Following these tips, you will be able to put away your motorbike without the guilt of having abandoned it. You can easily bring out your motorbike when spring comes again, cruise down the road with your beloved motorbike, and have no regrets if you remember to maintain your motorcycle when you are not using it just as much as you should when you are using it.

motorcycles stored in garage for winter season

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our job and we present you with a few things to consider when storing your motorcycle for a long time. In order to give your motorcycle the treatment it deserves, you will need to be equipped with the following:

  • Your arsenal for cleaning, which must include water, soap, and towels for the outside of your bike, as well as a chain degreaser, an engine cleaner, and WD-40 to clean, lubricate, and prevent corrosion.

  • A fuel stabilizer made by any brand that is recommended by the manufacturer or your trusted Sta-Bil.

  • The tools for your oil changing (allen wrench or screw driver, oil filter wrench, crush water, needle nose pliers, adjustable socket wrench, clean rags, engine oil, a new oil filter, and a funnel)

  • A trickle charger/battery tender

  • Wax to protect paint finishes

  • A cover for your bike made of breathable fabric sheets

  • The tools required for chain maintenance

  • To go all out for your motorbike maintenance, and in the case that your ride does not come equipped with a center stand, a wood block or device to uphold the tires off the ground.

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First and foremost in the process of putting away your bike you must tend to the exterior of the problem. You want to keep the cold as far away as possible from the paint finish – you do not want stray stains or water spots to corrode away your bike. Give it a thorough wash and dry every inch of it. Once dried, apply a coat of wax to protect the paint job from any weather or water action. You may also use a corrosion inhibitor to protect surfaces from corrosion and rust.

bmw 1200gs stored in a garage next to a car and bicycles

Secondly, you need to look after the battery. It is the most integral and also one of the most costly components of your bike – you do not want it to lose its function. If you maintain your battery properly, you are also looking at a longer battery life altogether.

Start with checking the level of battery fluid if you have a lead acid battery. Depleting levels of battery acid lead to sulfation which can cause the internal plates to short-circuit. With regular checks of the battery fluid, you can easily save your battery from damage by neglect.

Even if the manufacturer boasts his batteries are maintenance free, you must maintain a certain level of upkeep in the winter season. This can come through the use of maintenance systems such as the Battery Tender, and warm storage with periodic charging.

You must prepare your fuel system for the coming winter too. You do not want your neglect to lead purchases of expensive carburetors or repairs. Fuels need to be stored more carefully now than ever before because of the ethanol found in its composition. Ethanol, unlike gasoline, holds stagnated or dissolved water – making it hygroscopic. This property leads to an increase in the risk of corrosion, varnish and carbon deposits that may wreck your bike, carbureted or otherwise.

You must cater to the needs of your fuel system by providing it with the additive that is especially designed for the mess created by ethanol fuels. Search for products such as Sta-Bil Ethanol Fuel Treatment, or any other enzyme/ethanol fuel treatment products that will help you look after the health of your bike. Remember to let the product reach the entire fuel system by taking it in a short ride before shutting it away.

a moped motorcycle in a garage

Lastly, you must pay heed to the engine oil left in your bike’s system. Motor oil plays the dual role of a lubricant as well as an aide for the filtration system. Small particles of impurities become suspended in the oil until it reaches the filter where they are trapped and removed. One such deposit is majorly made of carbon which is created due to combustion and pushes past the piston rings upon firing of a cylinder. If you leave unclean motor oil in your bike over storage periods, the carbon will separate and rise to the surface, corroding and causing etching on transmission gears, bearings, and other surfaces made of metal.

Before stashing your away, make sure your engine oil and filter are replaced so there are no harmful impurities that will do the weather’s work for you from the inside. Use top-notch products such as Bel-Ray or Maxima products to maintain a healthy interior.

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