Top 5 Adventure riders currently on the move

The stories of adventure riders have inspired many generations of motorcycle riders. The stories have been as long as the tradition of riding bikes itself. These have been tales of freedom when the motorbike and the rider become one on the road across the country.

Regardless of whether they were motorbike riders before or not, to purchase an adventure bike and set out on a world journey aiming at finding themselves through connecting to different cultures and people, is in itself a brave think to do, considering that nowadays societies and people are becoming more and more narrow minded.

The process of travelling on a motorbike makes you a part of the country that you are travelling through, you are so close to the road and the air that you feel like every part of your being moves with your motorbike.

It is not just the part when you are on the road but also it is the process of surviving on the road. It includes knowing your motorbike enough to feel confident in repairs, it is the unexpected stops you make, it is the off-roading that is inevitable when you set on a world journey.

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You find yourself getting to know the country, the people, the cultures, the motorbike, and yourself better when you are on a motorbike adventure across the world.

A motorcycle adventure is the real-life equivalent of doing the impossible. It is resonant of what Phileas Fogg set out to do in Around the World in 80 Days. It is as thrilling as a road trip can get – you and your motorcycle against the world, you can feel the air of all the different places you go on your face and through your hair.

You are one with the world when you are exploring on your motorcycle. A mechanical marvel, a motorcycle can prove to be the best companion of travel. It takes your adventure to an entirely other level because of the experience it presents. If you are looking for an experience that is incomparable, exhilarating, and exciting, go put your helmet on.

Motorcycles go far back in time. The first recorded motorcycle adventure taken was in the early 1900s, and the first model of motorcycles created was in 1885. The world has come a long way now.

In over a century, the world as we knew it has completely changed. We may not see the flying cars we had envisioned at the turn of the century but the changes in technology exist, and these changes are coming about at a revolutionary speed.

The only difference is that these changes are occurring on a scale that is so subtle that we do not even realize the extent to which the world has completely transformed. For this reason, motorcycles are evolving and adapting to the needs of the modern adventurer.

To find inspiration in people who are on this mighty journey right now, we have compiled a list of the top five adventure riders that have decided to go out on the road with their trusted steel steed in this day and age of technology and advanced four-wheels vehicle.

With so many people preferring air travel over the rustic love of the road itself, there are riders who are still inspiring with their ventures of the road. We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and came up with the top five motorcycle adventurers currently on the road:

1. Kinga Tanajewska

Kinga Tanajewska is a Polish motorbiker who has been riding since highschool.

Kinga Tanajewska on her bike in Uzbekistan

She is thirty-seven years old now and is on the move with her BMW F800GS which she calls Chillie. She has successfully completed what she calls her Tour de Oz through the different parts of the vast Australia. Right now, she’s currently on the move through Kyrgyzstan where she admires the marvelous countryside and the hospitality of those around her. Her adventures are rustic and inspiring, she is definitely a rider to follow (Photo:

2. Ana and Jon

ana and jon motorcycle adventurers

Ana and Jon were former architects who decided to leave that life behind by setting out on their motorcycles in 2010. They unplugged their digital lives and went head on into motorcycle touring. Their adventure is one for the history books, they experienced all of the diversity that Africa had to offer and embarked to Mongolia through the Silk Road, even travelling through Siberia to make for an unparalleled road trip together to explore what the world has to hold (Photo: ).

3. Asta and Linas

asta and linas motorcycle adventurers

The Lithuanian couple have embarked to do what most people only imagine. After purchasing their two BMW G8s in October, 2016, they have planned to make their summer last two entire years, going through whatever parts of the world that they can access on their two bikes and endless dreams (Photo:

4. Xenia and Martin

It was love found over their bond of motorcycles and adventure. This couple met in 2012, in Peru, while on a motorcycle adventure and decided to embark on a different one, coming together in their love for the road and each other. If you are looking for inspiration to go touring Africa when there are real life responsibilities holding you back, these two have stories on how well it works out to leave and live your life in your thirties.

5. Germans Thies and Momme

Germans Thies and Momme_800x534.jpg

The bond of family takes on the road with this brother duo of adventurers who wanted to hit the road with their trusted brotherhood and motorcyclist spirit. They live their life by the motto of “Why not?” and in this spirit they have travelled across Berlin to Tokyo.

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