Top 5 motorcycles for short riders

Being short is not always fun. Being short means that you have a hard time finding the perfect size for clothes or shoes and you always have to spend extra money to get thing altered for yourself. It also means that you can’t reach high places, or drive without adjusting your seat or sitting dangerously close to the steering wheel. But hey, that's alright! Fortunately there is a solution for this.

You may not find the right fit for your clothes or they might not be a car specifically made for short people but, there definitely are motorcycles that are designed especially for short riders.

We at Siima MotoWear, have done some research and we present the top five motorcycles for short riders:

Number 1: The Indian Scout

indian scout motorcycle with india owner sitting on it posing_800x534.jpg

This motorcycle for short riders is sculpted and built like a tank and is known as one of the lowest bikes in the history of motorcycles. Its 25.3 inch seat and narrowly designed leather saddle makes it easy to ride without suffering with harsh back pains. The Indian Scout has been specifically designed for both short people and tall people as well. The recommended height range for riding the Indian Scout is 5’4 to 6 feet. But, do not worry, you will not look weird for riding the Indian Scout because, it is universally known as one of the most stylish bikes among the experienced riders and people who do not cruise as often. The price of the beautiful beast ranges from $8,999 to $11,299 depending upon which model you want to purchase.

Number 2: Yamaha YZF-R3

This versatile motorcycle can be considered as an entry level sports bike with a

Yamaha YZF-R3 in showroom_800x504.jpg

couple of modifications. However, it is a great bike to ride for short people and the best part is that due to its less cramped design, it is also very comfortable. The Yamaha YZF-R3 has a very distinct and stylish design with low heighted seats and a twin parallel engine. The bike is also very light weight, so it will be a lot easier for a short rider to gain a balanced command over it. The price of this motorcycle goes up to $5000.

Number 3: The Ducati Scrambler

ducati scarmbler in showroom_800x534.jpg

If you are vertically challenged, then this ride is perfect for you. It is definitely a match for those who never take themselves seriously because, the Ducati Scrambler does not take itself seriously either. This fun ride has a very comfortable and squishy seat that protects your bottom from getting all sore and numb and a very long trip. It also has upright bars, low seat height and is also very lightweight as compared to other motorcycles which makes it easier to handle on the road even for a short rider. The price of the Ducati Scrambler starts at $8,999.

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Number 4: Triumph Bonneville Street Twin

If you are into the cool and stylish retro vibe that works well with your size as

Triumph Bonneville Street Twin being showed at the expo_800x534.jpg

well, then the Triumph Bonneville Street Twin is the perfect match for you. It definitely falls under the “modern classic” category of motorcycles. The seat height of this street twin is 29.5 inches and it is at least 57 pounds lighter than other normal motorbike. It comes with a 900cc parallel twin engine which makes the ride a whole lot easier and smoother. This beautiful beast can be easily handled even if you are beginner with no prior experience in cruising. The ride is very smooth, high tech and easy to manage. It definitely expands and broadens the taste of its customers with its stylish customisable features. The Triumph Bonneville Street Twin approximately costs around $9000.

Number 5: KTM 690 Duke

KTM 690 Duke taking a curve on the road_800x504.jpg

The seat height of this beautiful Duke is 33 inches which makes it a perfect ride for both short height and tall riders. It may be the tallest bike out of the lot mentioned in this post, but it is also the lightest out of them which makes it very manageable. It can definitely be classified in the modern classic motorbikes due to its modern design but a vintage looking cylinder design. This bike definitely has a very versatile personality. A ride on this bike will also protect your upright posture because, no one likes a strained back after a long bike ride. The KTM 690 Duke is fun, class, and sophistication all combined into one. It will cost you approximately $9000 to purchase this feisty piece of art.

So, this was our list of top 5 motorcycles for short riders. Each one of these are pieces or art designed for people who do not let their short size come in the way of their stylish looks and adventurous hobbies.

Which one is your favorite? Leave your comments below.

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