4 Essentials For Every Adventure Motorcyclist

Are you someone who is obsessed with the idea of going on an adventure ride on your motorbike? Well, if yes then you are at the right place, reading the right article because today we are just going to talk about adventures on a motorcycle and what can help you make your trips more exciting and thrilling.

It is an undeniable fact that going on a road trip on a luxury car is exciting even traveling by air can be fun but the thrill and adventure it is to ride on a heavy beast like bike and roam around on the tracks or the streets is just unexplained.

Now, in this article we aren’t going to talk about trail riding in fact, we are going to focus all and all on adventure riding which is pretty different than trail riding. Adventure riding is like heading across the world on your bike for a big adventurous ride for the first time. The adventure motorbikes are a bit different than what you usually see in the market. These bikes come with big fuel tanks and they are all set to face dirt, snow and gravel etc. In short you can call them the “heavy bikes” that don’t only look like a beast in fact they run like a beast too.

Now, if you are someone all set for your first adventure ride on your motorbike then stick with us a little longer because we, are at Siima MotoWear, are now going to jot down some of the basic essentials that you’d need during your journey.

1- A Travel Light

The first thing you need to do is to make a kit and put a travel light inside because that is the

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most important accessory you should have with you. You see a travel light can come in handy in so many different situations especially when you are out in the jungle or some place where it’s too dark that you cannot even see. You have to be very careful about the bumps and humps that might come in your way which is again where a travel light can help you stay safe.

2-A Strong Backpack

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You might not know this but testing your backpack and checking its strength is pretty important. You see, you cannot take so many bags with you and you can only rely on a single backpack. Now obviously in such a situation you wouldn’t want that bag to pop open while you hit a bump on the road, right? Well, in order to save yourself from such accidents you should first get yourself a strong and new backpack from the market. Just make sure that you are investing some good amount of time and effort in finding that one strong bag. Don’t just settle for the cheapest one as cheap most of the time means poor in quality. Be selective and also make sure that your backpack is able to hold at least a 3 liter water bottle inside as you will have to carry the water throughout your journey.

3-A First Aid Kit

Most of the riders out there don’t find it necessary to wear a protective kit and they find it to

first aid kit essentials_600x400.jpg

be a waste of money but the reality is completely different and this kit should be a part of your essentials because safety comes first. Now, it is but very obvious that the chances of minor to major injuries are included especially if you are on a adventure journey on your bike. Accidents are inevitable and sometimes even if it isn’t your fault, you can get hit by a car or a rock may come in your way etc and injure you. The point is that you should be prepared for an unpredictable situation and you should invest in a good protective kit that can at least save you from some severe injury.

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4-Mosquito Repellent

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If you are pale skinned then know that mosquitoes are going to have so much fun biting you. Now, you never know what type of mosquito bites you and how harmful it can be for you which is why keeping and applying a mosquito repellent on your body is important. You might have taken anti-malarial tablets but still you should keep a repellent with you and secure yourself to the fullest.

These are some of the basic essentials that you should have while you are all prepared to set on your adventurous journey. Make sure to keep these essentials with you and we assure you that you will have the best time of your life on your motorcycle.

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