Nothing Can Spoil Your Fun Outing Faster Than A Mechanical Issue

Nothing can spoil your fun outing faster than a mechanical issue in your vehicle. In some cases, out of order equipment also can cause damages. A pre-ride examination should become automatic before each trip. One should make it a habit of checking their vehicle before going out.

We at Siima MotoWear, have done our homework and we present you with some easy safety checks that will save you a lot a lot... a lot of hassle.

Breaking down is not an option to finish a ride.

If you do a fast safety check analysis before starting your ride, you can avoid

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frustration during your journey. It only takes 5 minutes with a tire gauge and some conscientiousness.

Stay visible! (and legal)

You will need to make sure that your bike registration plate and sticker should be clearly visible so that you are not stopped by cops. This is not to be overlooked at all. You should abide by the law and make sure your number plate is visible. With this, make sure you have complete documents of your vehicle with you.

Leakages are definitely something you don’t want to face.

It will completely destroy the trip as you will have to look into it. Look for all kinds of leakages by having a round around your bike. Check for oil, water and fluid leakages. Put your hands on different parts of your bike so that you may come to know if anything is in need to be tightened. Like nuts, breaks or wires. By this general look around your bike will benefit you.

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Check Clutch and Throttle

Have a bit of free motion on the clutch and throttle of your bike before starting a trip. You will come to know the actual state of them. If it needs to be tighten, lose or apply oil on it. Check you handlebars. Handlebars if not properly tight, they can turn into swerve consequences. You will be turning your bike at high speed so it needs to be perfect. Make sure that the brake is in good condition and working properly.

Oh yes! The brakes!

a mechanic is fixing the motorbikes brakes

Check the break cable. Don’t forget to check the break light. Break light and indicators should be working properly so that you can alarm other persons during ride. In fact, I would recommend having some extra pair of lights with you.

When you are applying the brakes, don’t forget to check the lever tightness. Brake pad must not be having crest on them.

If there is crest on brake pads, means they need to be changed immediately. It would be great if you take your bike to a professional mechanic to avoid any mishap. Wear pointers of the drum brakes are also need to be checked. Don’t ever overlook the. Your entire safety of life depends on the braking system of your bike.

Get the best connection with the road

Tire pressures are important to check before leaving. And don’t forget to check them in cold temperature because heat increases pressure in tires. If you don’t know much about tire pressure, then refer to the manual of your bike. Try to get a digital pressure display instead of analog one.

mechanic is checking the tire pressure of the motorbike

Sometimes, they do give wrong readings as they lose calibration quickly. Have an eye on the wear and tear of the tires. Any external object should be removed immediately. Small particles like nails can cause slow leakage during the ride or it can suddenly burst tire which can result into mishap.

Electrify your motorbike!

Further, put an eye on the electric cables of the bike. It is important as lights are the only way you are going to inform other riders about your turning or braking intention. Make sure that the headlights are working fine on low beam and high beam. Indicators should be working fine. Taillight should not be ignored at all. Check the horn also.


Just run your bike for some time so that the engine gets heated. Then switch it off and check the oil level present. Don’t forget to put your bike on its center stand before checking oil level. When it will lean towards any side, it will display wrong level of oil.

These were some important pre ride checklist points which you should not ignore in any case.

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