3 Major Consequences Of Climate Change On Adventure Riders

The history of adventure motorcyclists is rich. As soon as the concept of motorcycles existed, the idea of adventure motorcyclists existed. However, those trends are changing because the world around them is changing. While motorcycle technology is becoming more and more advanced to become better suited for the world, the world is not returning the same favor. Due to how we treat our planet, the world is becoming much more dangerous for the motorcyclists set out on an adventure.

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We understand that you regard your motorcycle as your companion through the wild side of life. It is your chariot, your trusted steed. You are moved to take good care of your machine companion, but you must remember to take good care of yourself while you are riding it too, in order to ensure that you journey is not unexpectedly finish. There are precautions that you must take to make sure you are prepared for anything that may befall you while you are on the road.

A key point to consider when planning a motorcycle adventure is how to face the

climate of the places that are going to be toured. With changing climate comes uncertainty and people shy away from uncertainty. Maybe the brave hearted will be even more tempted to travel through the dangerous terrains and uncertain weather conditions.

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What does climate change mean for the motorcycling adventurer community? We at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you the three most important climate change consequences on motorcyclists:

1. Access to Locations

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Climate change is broadly defined as the shift in climate patterns of certain regions. This means that the ice is melting faster, creating water bodies where once only ice existed.

This, of course, means that in some cases, there is more access to remote locations that used to be too cold to travel to, will now be open for motorcyclists who seek adventure in those areas. The melting ice caps may lead to economic activities to begin in remote regions, which also invites motorcyclists to travel through the terrains but at the same time it destroys the pristine scenery.

However, conversely, it also means that temperatures are rising in areas where motorcyclists could venture to before but no longer. These include areas like the Sahara which is a motorcyclist favourite, but now may become stuff of legends as it is too hot to travel through anymore.

2. Preparations

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As temperatures are rising, it affects the overall weather setup of an area. Maybe extreme temperatures in some areas lead to increased precipitation and motorcyclists have rain to worry more than ever before. In other areas, they may have to expect melting glaciers and streams where there were not any before.

Extreme temperatures also mean riding in the heat for longer, which means that riders are facing life threatening weather conditions due to dehydration and other symptoms associated with high body temperature. So adventure riders should constantly hydrate themselves and possibly make more stops.

In general, the whole riding preparation becomes more fluid because climate change cannot be measured or pinned down at the time being.

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3. Preference

Of course, with changing climate conditions comes changing preferences. The terrains change so the age old historical routes that adventure motorcyclists chose may not be for everyone anymore.

You may have enjoyed a route so much, just to find it too uncomfortable to be

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done anymore. Dusty areas make riding miserable, as well as mountainous regions that suffer the risk of landslides.

Scenery becomes less diverse resulting in a "reduced" riding experience.

It might sound that there are pros and cons due to climate change. That is not the case however. Climate change negatively affects the conditions we ride, nature becomes more hostile and it reduces the whole adventure riding experience concept.

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