Top 9 Adventure Motorcycles of 2018

Looking for the biggest and the baddest to set out with on your adventure tour in 2018? Searching for the phenomenal road warrior that will help you conquer whatever adventure you embark on? The EICMA unveiled some of the top new motorbike models that are all set to be your potential companion candidates for the adventure.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and came up with 9 great new models of adventure motorcycles for the new year 2018.

Adventures on a motorbike go back as far as the 20th century – people have always wanted to travel across countries and continents, on their trusted steed, feeling as if they have been flying. With records of 100,000 mile travels and tours of a decade, motorbike adventures have always been epitome of thrill-seeking. In order to set out on your adventure on your own, you must know who to take with you and why.

The EICMA 2017 Milan edition has brought to us a series of bikes that are our perfect companions for this adventure season.

KTM’s 790 Adventure

Although it was presented as just a concept instead of a production model, KTM’s

KTM 790 adventure at eicma expo

790 Adventure has proven to be the show stealer at Milan this year. It is based on the same foundation as the Duke 790; it sports the 799cc parallel-twin engine, sturdy for all your adventure needs. The bike also comes with a wind deflector, a single seat, LED lights, and a raise front mudguard. The bike comes with a front wheel which is 21 inches in size, and a rear wheel which is 19 inches in size, with knobby spoke wheels adapting your bike for off-roading.

Triumph Tiger 1200

Triumph went all out in upgrading their bikes to fit the riders’ comfort to the fullest: with over one hundred updates, the Tiger 1200 is powerful and friendly for the rider. The bikes comes equipped with a powerful 1215cc engine that is gives out 141PS and 122Nm of torque. It has been adapted to changes in LED headlights and adaptive cornering, as well as a weight reduction by 10kgs and a reworking of the engine and chassis.

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Triumph Tiger 800

Another popular model from Triumph was the Tiger 800 that received a lot of attention at EICMA. It comes equipped with more than two hundred updates in seven different variants. It offers better traction for off-roading and better steering at lower speeds. It comes with an 800cc motor that has proven to be efficient for all kinds of terrains, as well as a reworking of the ergonomics to make it more comfortable for the rider.

BMW F750 and F850

The BMW family has brought two new additions to the BMW GS family making for a more comfortable and compact option for those who want to set out on an adventure. Both motorcycles sport the same parallel-twin engine with 853cc which has extended the torque and rev range. These bring greater fuel efficiency with comfort and accessibility for the rider. The difference between the two bikes is the torque making the F850 equipped for more hardcore adventures whereas F750 is more compact with a seat that sits at a lower height too.

UM Scrambler X

UM Scrambler X

UM reveals its brand new Renegade Scrambler X which may resemble an endure bike but is classified as a scrambler. The bike sports a 125cc single-cylinder that can generate 12.2PS of power, with an engine that is water-cooled. The spoke wheels sported gold rims, as well as off-road tyres, with a mudguard set high and two panniers guarding each edge of the bike. It is the perfect for all your adventure needs as it comes with a LED headlamp and an exhaust muffler that is styled as a megaphone.

Ducati Multistrada 1260

Even though the new Multistrada is mostly the same as older versions, but it got a

Ducati Multistrada_1260

major upgrade to a 1262cc engine called the Testrastretta DVT. It peaks at a power of 158PS and 129Nm torque which exceeds the old model which generated 152PS of power and 127Nm of torque. There will be three variants of the bike, the 1260 S, 1260 D-Air, the Standard, as well as Pikes Peak version. The S, D-Air, and Pikes Peak version come iwtha bi-directional quick shifter and, instead of the digital one on the standard version, it sports a 5 inch TFT instrument panel. The motorbike also features four riding modes, namely Urban, Touring, Sport, and Enduro. The Pikes Peak version used carbon fibre which made it weigh 3kgs lighter than the standard model


Suzuki 2018 V-Strom 1000 and V-Strom 1000XT

Suzuki 2018 V-Strom 1000

These early release models offer better comfort and ease for the rider. It is regarded by Suzuki as a “Sports Adventure Tourer” which features a balance of lightness in weight and high maneuverability. The new updates include a new seat as well as the Motion Track Brake System, with a new windscreen design. The 90-degree V-twin engine sports a power of 1037cc which is liquid-cooled. It comes with Suzuki Easy Start System which now features a one-push system for starting and an automatic Low RPM assistant to reduce the chance of stalling.

Of course there are many other adventure motorcycles for 2018. Some honorable mentions are the Honda Africa Twin, BMW 1200GS, KTM 1090 and others.

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